How To Make Money As A Counselor

Being a private practice coach has afforded me the opportunity to speak to many counselors, psychologists, therapists and other healers. It has only confirmed that there is no one way to serve the world with your talents and skills.

However, there are some necessary elements if you want to generate an income.

Why are we talking about money?

Money is simply a resource. This resource is needed to sustain certain aspects of your life. I’ve noticed we all want to make money, but many of us don’t want to talk about money. Which brings up the first step to making money as a therapist.

Address your Relationship with Money

Even as a resource, we all have beliefs about money. What it means, how it works,  if we have enough, if it comes easily…

This is one of the great things about our masterminds. Each time someone increases in their income, they are confronted with another aspect of how they relate to money and we all support each other in dealing with the struggles and myths that can come up. Because as we all know as therapists, when you ignore something, it’s going to show up in another way – and usually louder than before.

Get organized with your money

This is also part of your relationship with money, looking at how you physically treat money. Do you deposit checks quickly, keep your billing on time, organize your wallet so you can easily access your cards and cash? What does your bookkeeping look like? If a room is cluttered, it’s hard to imagine adding a new piece of furniture to it. This is like your financial house. Clean it out, get on payment plans for your debt, look at really where your money flows and the organization will allow for you to bring more money in. Disrespect money and it won’t respect you.

Hold Boundaries with your money

How many times have I heard my fee is xyz but I usually slide and charge abc (a much lower amount)? It's too many times to count.  Your relationship with money will impact the clinical relationship. If you say you charge a late fee, charge the late fee. Follow through and if you have fears come up, address that in clinical consultation because it is part of the dynamic with your client.  Holding boundaries is helped when you understand why. Know why you charge a late fee, why you charge a fee at all! Know your value and respect the life you want to create because if you are taken care of, you can continue being the bad ass therapist that you know you are.

Once you do these things, then you can look at all the ways you can make money. Private practice allows you to run your own business which might be something you love. You can translate your expertise into products/games/toys. You can help more people through retreats, online courses and intensive experiences. You can still choose to be an employee and serve an organization which has a larger footprint on the community. Whatever you choose to do, follow the three tips so that you make money doing it. It’s a good thing. It’s an abundance thing and it’s something you probably want for your own clients too, so now is the time to want it for yourself!