5 Steps to Creating an Awesome 2017 Business Plan

2017 is almost here! Are you ready? Well, we want to help you get prepared with your business plan.

Wait! Don't go away! This is important. we know for some of you, the thought of a business plan makes your head want to spin. So let's break it down. 

Step 1: Your Mission

Why are you in private practice? Why have you chosen that this is the way for you to go with using your skills and talents? Your mission is simply the big picture of what you want your business to do. You want to change the lives of families in your communities? You want to decreased PTSD with vets in your area? You want to improve the parenting skills of parents in your town? What is your hearts desire for your business and the impact that it will make? WRITE IT DOWN!

Step 2: Who you serve

This is important. Your business serves a certain kind of person. Just like the pet store loves people who own pets, the italian restaurant who serves the best pasta to carb lovers, the climbing gym who attracts active people in the community, you are seeking to attract people to your business. Who are they? AND what is their biggest problem? WRITE THAT DOWN

Step 3: How you serve and why

Look, 1:1 sessions might be the way you are going to help these people, but it isn't required or necessary. There are lots of ways to help people. In our project: rebel program we love working with the out of the box thinkers who want to really dig into what is the most effective, transformative way of addressing the problems of their ideal clients. You might have extended sessions, group therapy, retreats, classes...lots of options. Write each service you provide and the outcome you seek with that service. For example, you might do a retreat for couples which is meant to give them an experience of connection over  a weekend and teach them skills and communication versus 1:1 sessions are meant to help the client over a long period of time integrate skills and communication to better their relationship and reduce the risk of divorce. WRITE IT ALL DOWN

Step 4: Financial Portfolio

What are you going to charge for your services? What are the expenses for your business (don't forget it's more than utilities and bills, you want to include amazing training and support, travel, and savings for those times when you get sick or when you are out of the office)? Based on the amount of clients and the fees you charge, what is your projected income for 2017? WRITE IT DOWN

Step 5: Marketing Plan

How are you going to get the word out? Your marketing plan should be more than blogging and social media. You want a blend of in person and online marketing. Where is your client at in the world? Literally, look at where they hang out. Is there a way you can connect with them there? Start writing down what you will do each week to build new connections and potential referral sources as well as get your message out to the people who need it most. We have more trainings on marketing in our trainings page. Click here.  WRITE IT DOWN (in face, schedule it in your calendar so you make time for this!)

There - you have the bones of your business plan! This is something you want to revisit annually. Trust me, planning will give you confidence and clarity. It will ground you.