Essential End of Year Private Practice Checklist

We are coming to the end of the year. This is a wonderful time to assess, re-assess, get organized, and a make a great plan for next year. So today, we are going to share a checklist of items to assess. Most of these items could be a blog article by themselves, so for today we are just going to make one handy-dandy list as a starting point! 

Bookkeeping & Finances

  • Review your bookkeeping and get organized for the year to date.

  • Identify your gross income and your net income for this year to date.

  • Identify how your actual income compared to your projected or desired income.

  • Identify how much you have paid in taxes for this year thus far, and how much you still owe.

  • Calculate your take home pay last year after taxes.

  • Identify your desired take home income for next year.

  • Make or update your business plan for next year

  • Calculate your average hourly rate (all session fees collected divided by the number of sessions provided).

  • Assess your average hourly rate and determine if it needs to increase to reach your income goals for next year.

  • Assess your private pay rate and determine if your rate needs to be changed.

  • Schedule an appointment with a CPA to review your income for this year so far.

  • Make a tax plan with your CPA to save on taxes for this year, as well as next year.


  • Assess each insurance contract you have accepted and determine if you will continue each for next year.

  • Review any changes to the insurance policies, procedures, or contracts upcoming for next year.

  • Calculate what percentage of claims are reimbursed within 45 days.

  • Determine the number of hours spent on insurance biling last year.

  • Explore outsourcing and determine if it makes sense.

  • Create a timeline and plan to withdraw from any insurance panels that no longer serve you.

  • Get training on insurance documentation and/or processes if you have significant denials.

Policies and Procedures

  • Review policies, procedures, and habits in your business and determine changes needed for next year.

  • Review any documents you provide to clients and make adjustments.

  • Review new laws that are coming into effect for next year and make adjustments as needed.

  • Review your documentation process and make a plan to streamline for next year.

  • Catch up on any filing, documentation, closing of inactive files, etc. and make a plan to not get behind next year.

  • Create a timeline for disseminating and reviewing any updated documents

  • Review website and update any changes for next year, and remove any outdated information.

Professional Development

  • Look at your personal energy and life and determine what your goals are for next year.

  • Look at changes needed in your practice to support the personal changes needed.

  • Assess your time off this year to date.

  • Determine if you need to take more or less time off next year to stay healthy and happy.

  • Schedule your time off for next year.

  • Schedule working retreats for next year.

  • identify what needs are being met in your professional relationships.

  • Identify what needs are NOT being met in your professional relationships and make a plan to ensure they are met next year.

  • Identify what types of clients or clinical issues that you have been least effective with and find a referral source in the community.

Personal & Self-Care Assessment

  • Review your outcomes with clients this last year and make a plan to improve outcomes next year.

  • Make a clinical development plan for next year.

  • Identify the clinical strengths you further developed in this last year.

  • Identify the clinical skills that would most benefit your ideal clients.

  • Review your professional will (or develop one if you don't have in place yet).

  • Look at next year's training options and make a training schedule.

Being a business owner is amazing, but there are a LOT of moving parts to running an awesome, streamlined private practice. While this list could feel a bit overwhelming, these are issues that if managed and attended to can help your practice run more smoothly throughout the next year!