Sh*t Therapists Say To Avoid Getting Sh*t Done: Part 1

A silly title... but a true and real issue. Today we are going to let you into the mind of amazing therapists, who are self-aware enough to let you know the ways they convince themselves NOT to do the things that they know in their heart they need to do to live a happy life and run a happy practice! 

What is with the cursing? 

Did you ever see that silly series of videos? Sh*t crossfitters say... Sh*t vegans say, etc? I have to admit- some of them were hilarious. My focus in writing near year end is really about inspiring each of you, and helping you uncover what is holding you back so you can feel inspired, focused, and make a great plan for next year! 

This title pops into my head. Oh goodness... I don't know if you've noticed it... but I don't use a lot of profanity in my writing... which is funny- because I have been known to use a well-placed curse word (or many). But, even writing out "kick a*s" I struggle with.... seriously... 

I went and shared the idea, and the title with a group of ah-mazing therapists from all over- and asked them what they tell themselves. I expected a few fun responses that I would pepper into my blog post. 

Something Amazing Happened

Before my eyes, people started to share. One person, then two, then three... They started to riff off each other's internal voices, validate one another, encourage one another, and inspire one another. And I watched as the act of sharing, putting a name to it, being validated, being heard, and so much more provided more connection. 

It is almost as if this act of being vulnerable with what keeps us stuck helps us get unstuck! Imagine that! So, next week I will share Part 2 where we delve into what to do with all of this. But this week, let's just name it. Let's share. I am going to start by sharing some of the amazing statements shared. Read over them and see if you see yourself in any of them: 

  • I've got a lot of time. I'll do it later.

  • Not even my mom reads my blogs

  • Watching a movie will really relax my mind and then the writing (blog) will flow...

  • Oh, that's really important. I don't have to write it down. I'll remember.

  • I suck at paperwork - therefore I do no paperwork!

  • I have no idea what I am doing!

  • I'm a single mom how can I do this AND take care of my kids?

  • Said using a silly voice I created that starts every word with slph "It's too hard because my menopausal bipolar brain doesn't work anymore."

  • No one is going to care what I do. So why keep doing it?

  • They don't pay me enough to do this sh$&! (Said while working at an agency)

  • Sh*t! insurance billing....

  • I'm introverted so I can't market effectively

  • "Dang, you need a therapist, oh wait, that's me!"

  • I need a nap.

  • "Have you thought about the ethics of that?"

  • "Damn, I'd hate to be my therapist!"

  • About my writing: Nobody wants to read this sh*t!

  • Me - blog? No one will read the stupid shit I have to say!!!!

  • "I can't afford to take any time off".

  • This topic is too controversial to write about

  • Omg - biggest fear - I'll write about something controversial - and people will attack me!!!

  • "I need to stop writing things that are as opinionated and hits nerves or no one will ever send me clients"

  • I will update the FB business page first and then get to those notes after - marketing is time sensitive, I can always complete the notes later.

  • My memory is amazing...I will get to those notes

  • "I'm a foreigner, and I'm kinda of an acquired taste. I will not be successful because I'm different, and I will not connect with people."

  • "Just one more puzzle!!" said the 9 therapist.

  • "I'll just research what's been written about my topic" - and off into the rabbit hole I go for the next three hours

  • I'm exhausted, I need to self care for the next 8 hours and not adult today

  • My blogging just seems like I'm writing out into "empty space" - it's just floating out in the ether. So no rush to get to it. (And then there's the opposite...I better write every day so I gain authority so people will start seeing my blog - but that's overwhelming, so nothing gets done there too.)

  • I COULD do my notes and billing, or I could just finish this show on Netflix..... Netflix it is!

  • "Netflix is my self-care" hahaha... can be a total cop out excuse when more intentional self-care is needed

  • If I talk about one thing I am good at in my marketing, I will get pigeonholed and won't get any other clients

  • _____________ is unethical

  • I don't have time to... You just can't do THAT!

  • I Don't Need to Make a Good Income Right Now...

  • Nobody Cares What This Therapist Has to Say

  • If I really cared about my clients I would never...

  • If I really cared about my clients I would always...

  • I don't need to look at taxes, how can I owe taxes when I am not making enough money to survive?

  • I could do the thing I am planning to do... but this new blog just came out that said I should do this fancy, new thing... I am not sure why- but I am in!

  • Some chips, cookies, candy, ice cream mingle help me write my notes

  • When I get enough training in this area, I'll be ready to market it/create a program/make a product, etc.

  • I have to check my email first....

What about you? What script plays that stops you in your tracks? Do you connect with any above? Do you have one to share? Next week will do a deeper dive into some strategies... but sometimes just naming it and bringing it to the surface can be a strategy that works! 

Miranda Palmer

I have successfully built a cash pay psychotherapy practice from scratch on a shoestring budget. I have also failed a licensed exam by 1 point (only to have the licensing board send me a later months later saying I passed), started an online study group to ease my own isolation and have now reached thousands of therapists across the country, helped other therapists market their psychotherapy practices, and helped awesome business owners move from close to closing their doors, to being profitable in less than 6 weeks. I've failed at launching online programs. I've had wild success at launching online programs. I've made mistakes in private practice I've taught others how to avoid my mistakes. You can do this. You were called to this work. Now- go do it! Find some help or inspiration as you need it- but do the work!