Business Building for Interns and Pre-licensed Therapists


It feels like both just yesterday and forever go that I was going through the process of getting licensed. No matter how long you have been licensed- you remember! If you aren't licensed yet- you know that it can be a big weight to manage all of these details. 

Whether you are prelicensed or licensed today- I want to share some resources that you can use, or you can pass on your supervisees or mentees that you are supporting in the process. Why? Because valuing the next generation of helpers and healers is just as important as valuing ourselves! 

So here the ZynnyMe Top Tips for PreLicensed People: 

(After I wrote the tips below I realized I could make a few small shifts and these would be the same tips for licensed people- interesting). 

1. Keep great records. 

Yes- I know that you are already being taught to keep great clinical records. I am talking about keeping great records for you! Every states rules and regulations are different- but all of them require great documentation! If you are in California and still tracking or submitting hours- go here right this second: The hours tracking in California is a bit on the insane side. If you are a supervisor in California- require your supervisees to use the above- it will make your job MUCH easier and save you headache and questions as a supervisor. And- even after you are licesned- keep those records forever... yep- until you die... (in case you ever want to move to another state- even if you don't think you will ever move!) 

2. Stop waiting. 

Your career doesn't start when you graduate, when you get your intern number, when you submit your hours, when you pass your first test... you get the picture. Your career starts this moment. Right now. I hate hearing "I'm just a..." Your are college educated people with degrees, specialized training, and hopefully PASSION for this work. Your development as a professional helper, or business person starts right now, this second. Realize how quickly your mindset will change your choices, behaviors, and feelings...

3. Meet people. 

Stop working in isolation, in your little bubble. Start going to trainings that get you pumped up, go to networking meetings with people in and out of your field. Get to know how many cool people are out  there in the world. Find out how you can help be a connector for these other people, and then be ready to share your vision and passion with them as well! Your clients will think you are awesome for being "in the know," other people will see as a lovely inviting person (because you are), and you will get people sending you business. And don't just get to know people just like you- get to know lots of people. (Although if you want to get connected with interns in the study/exam process- you can join the Facebook group here

4. On that note... know your vision. 

We did a webinar the other day and despite clearly outlining what we could cover in our webinar, we received suggestions on what we should have covered. What we know is that what the person was asking for already exists. It has been written about in books, webinars, etc.

Our vision for our business is first and foremost to help people develop vision (that is our vision)- and that without a great vision- the nuts and bolts don't matter! (Just like a vision that doesn't ever get implemented won't help anybody). We believe that people skip over some foundational material that is essential and that makes their hard work fall flat! 

We received a lot of other messages who did get our vision- like this one: 

"I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted. I will be successful!"

When you know your vision, you don't have to change with the winds. You can be you, solid, loving, passionate about your work- but clear about what you do- and what you give out to the world. 

So what do you think? What would be your top tip for pre-licensed helpers?