It's all a BIG FAT LIE!

Don't give into the subliminal messages all around you. That's right. You are buying into a load of BAH-LONE-EE. Seriously. You go to school and get told how this field requires years and years of experience before you can "really" know what you are doing. And you believe it! Sure, in anything in life, you get better with time and experience. But you have life experience, you have a knowledge that the average human being on this planet does not have and needs from you!

Then you graduate - oh it doesn't stop there people! You become an intern and are told you have more learning to do, so you have to learn under someone for a few more years. (yeah, could have gone to medical school in this amount of time). You love your work though. I know that. But you sacrifice starting your own business under the premise that you are "just an intern." When in fact, as an intern, you could be amazingly successful while you are still learning and growing. And, chance are, if you are in a private practice internship, your supervisor is freaking out about their business as well or they aren't teaching you "that part" of the field. 

Then you get licensed. You thought you would be done with all that negative thinking right? But then your peers freak out and everyone talks about the economy and insurance panel problems and you think - "Um, I don't know what I am doing." Or "people aren't going to pay THAT for what I do." And once again, another lie forms. 

So let's get down to the truth of things.

You may not have been taught how to do business, however you are highly educated and talented. You can learn this stuff. You can't expect yourself to know everything all at once. But if you believe the lies you will allow for walls to block you from being successful. And by successful I don't just mean the cha-ching of the dollar machine. Success comes from being confident about your work, being able to convey your value to another human being, from recognizing the impact of your skills in the life of your client, and being able to shout from the mountain tops that you are freaking amazing. That creates the fun and passion in this business. FEAR does not breed success. It limits you! If you realize your value, you will invest in yourself. You will stretch yourself and overcome the stuff that binds you from moving forward. You are worth more than you are conveying to yourself and to the world. 

And honestly, this comes from my experience. I used to under charge. I used to be afraid. I thought I couldn't hack it. The list goes on and on. I am just saying - I totally GET IT. Seriously, it the mental gymnastics that I have to overcome sometimes is insane, but so worth it. Why? Because for the first time, I feel like I am living out  my purpose, I value myself and my time, my confidence is through the roof, I love the people I work with and I am having fun. Business is fun. (never thought I would say that in my lifetime)

So I wanna know - what are your lies and what are you going to do to SMASH them to bits and pieces? Do you want some help? We have a free webinar coming up and I think it has really helped people figure out what they want. And when you sign up, some of you will qualify and really want our free strategy session. Why do it for free? We only work with a select group of people in our coaching.