What Therapy Speciality is going to Make Me MONEY?

We get this question a lot... Maybe not in these exact words, but the theme is the same. How do I pick a specialty that is going to pay my bills and going to draw clients to me? 

You see, at the end of each of our free webinars we always open it up to free questions from the therapists, counselors, and psychologists who come to learn from us. And, again and again people ask questions like: 

  • What speciality should I go into?

  • What is going to bring me clients?

  • I really love "blank" but I'm sure nobody really will come see me for that...

The truth is, as much as we talk about making decisions based on a business plan, and making sure you are going to be successful financially- we also hold the opposite is true. 

What is the point in making great money if you hate your job?

We naively think you can have it all! Actually, it isn't naive at all. We have both built our practices based on a balance between what we LOVE and what will bring us a great INCOME. We know that income is what allows us to be well-trained, well-rested, and balanced individuals! 

So let's go back to the initial question- what speciality should you go into? One that you absolutely adore! And truth be told, unless that speciality is working with transients, you might be surprised at how you can make money doing it. 

I know a therapist providing kink-aware and poly-friendly psychotherapy, not to help "cure" people- but simply to provide great therapy to them without pathologizing what they enjoy. My first thought when I saw that listing was... I can't imagine somebody looking for that in Modesto, CA (We are a bit on the rural side). And then my colleagues started getting calls for exactly this issue! 

It is important for you to take some time to explore what you really enjoy. What you enjoy is what you are, or will become really good at! And, when you are exploring something you are passionate about- it makes it not feel like work! 

But... will my passion pay the bills??? I believe that with a great business plan- anybody's passion can become a great business model. However, I know that a therapist working in a town of 5,000 people has a whole different set of variables than a psychologist working in a city with a million people. And guess what? Both situations have their strengths and drawbacks! 

Just because you are a therapist in a smalltown doesn't mean you can't be successful! 

So, my challenge for you today: We are going to play a fun little game. Join our LinkedIn Group and post your Passions! Once we get at least 25 passions shared- I am going to have you guys pick which passion you feel like is the LEAST financially viable. I am going to give that person a free coaching session to go over ways to turn that into something amazing and viable! 

The rules: You MAY NOT post about something you HATE just to stump me lol... this has to be something that you would LOVE to do, day in and day out- if you could just get paid well for it. You MUST be passionate about it- or this just won't work! 

But wait... I think my passion is really financially viable and I am ready to make it a reality! Don't worry- we will do something fun for the people that happen to be passionate about things that are obviously profitable!