I can't find a therapist! Even on an insurance panel!

You want the client to call you, but how do they find you?

I recently had a friend contact me, looking for a therapist in her area. I am about 20 miles away from where she lives and I really mainly know therapists that aren't on insurance panels in her town. She wanted to use her insurance which is...great! I asked her to find out her benefits and such. Then she sent me a list of the therapists covered in her area.

What did I do next...I went online to find out more about them. I wanted to get a feel for their training and expertise just to help her figure out who to call first. Besides, why would someone call 20 people for 20 consultations if they don't have to right? OH MY GOODNESS! Not a single therapist had a website! Not a single one of them was in a directory with a profile! 

Sure, she is going to call one of them...but what if one therapist had a website. What if one had information in a directory so that she could get an understanding of who they were. She would be more likely to call that person...FOR SURE! Why, if we want clients to come to us, do we make it so difficult? People are in pain and the last thing we need is to further their pain and frustration by making it difficult to find help. 

Insurance panels send you clients. I get it. I don't go that route, but that is my personal preference. However, don't just rely on the insurance panel. You are still competing with everyone else on that list. Get your name out there. Tell people what makes you unique, why they should call you and why they can't wait any longer to meet with you. There is a HUGE gap in marketing for therapists.

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