What is PMS: Practice Management System Syndrome


As I was saving the picture that said "What is a Practice Management System, I realized that Practice Management System acronym is (PMS). And it made me giggle ;0) And then it made me think... Is there a PMS about PMS? 

I thought maybe I would come up with a fun little something about Practice Management System Syndrome (PMSS). Top 5 Signs you might be suffering from PMSS: 

  1. When someone says the word paperless you roll your eyes and audibly sigh

  2. When someone says they went paperless you internally laugh at how much extra work they must be doing

  3. You secretly look for articles that will confirm your suspicion- Practice Management Systems are illegal, unethical, and the downfall of your profession

  4. You have dreams about dying tragically very soon and the one bright spot is realizing it would mean you wouldn't have to transition to electronic record keeping

  5. You make sure to carry soda, even though you don't drink it so you can accidently spill it on a paperless' person's computer and take down their fancy little system.

Ok- these are pretty clearly a little on the silly side. However, I have worked and talked with a lot of business owners who are pretty ambivalent. On one side, they really want something that will make the administrative tasks of running a business easier, on the other hand, they don't think it is humanly possible. 

So, here are a few tips to help you heal from PMSS: 

  1. Suspend your disbelief: Allow yourself the possibility that there could be a great program out there for you. You just might need to take a little time, or get a little help to make sure you get a great program.

  2. Clarify your needs: Think about spending a week tracking your time and see where your time really goes. Are you spending more time documenting your work with clients than you spend with clients? Is billing such a hassle that you find that you put it off- and end up losing out on income (that you worked hard for).

  3. Reach out to others: There are some great programs out there, and some horrible ones. Talk to other people in your industry and find out what they are using and how it is working for them. Keep an ear out for whether that might match your needs, or whether they might even have expanded your mindset on how much MORE is possible with a great practice management system.

Remember, a practice management system shouldn't just be about going paperless. It should be about saving time, improving security, saving money, improving customer service... it should do something for you- otherwise- what is the point?