Maybe you aren't bad at technology-maybe you are just using bad technology!

Miranda here... I was speaking to a lovely business woman yesterday and we had SO much fun! She said she was not a fun of technology (to put it lightly) and we had some fun as I threw out the above quote. Some of you have seen it on our business cards. 

"Maybe you aren't bad at technology, maybe you are just using bad technology!" 

Like most of the people I meet, she was pretty incredulous that there was an alternative to the type of technology experiences she had had. We laughed hysterically talking over the "simple" process of ordering a domain name (also called a web address).

When did that get so complicated? She was surprised when I agreed that many of the domain purchasing programs ARE complicated- and that I think they do it ON PURPOSE! 

Seriously! GoDaddy is a great example- it feels like you are clicking on screen after screen and they keep asking you "are you sure you don't want this?" "Are you sure you don't want that?" And truthfully, you (and most people) don't even know what those things are! And, here is a secret- you probably don't need any of what they are trying to upsell you!

While I have used several domain providers over the years NameCheap, GoDaddy, Google (don't EVER use Google!), and more... I have found that some of the programs make it uber-complicated! And, the truth is, it doesn't need to be. 

I actually switched over to Hover during a nightmare situation where my domain name from Google wasn't working. I couldn't get anyone on the phone, or to help over email. They didn't even recognize that my website was going down randomly about 30 times an hour! (If you do need a domain- check out ZynnyLoves page- we got you a coupon!)

I called Hover and low and behold- they picked up the phone! Seriously... on the first ring and said "hello this is hover..." And, they confirmed that I wasn't crazy (they other men I spoke to through the other place literally talked down to me like I was an idiot)! 

They took care of everything to easily transfer my domain name over, explained every part of the process, and dind't charge me a $30 transfer fee to move it! Ahhh... that is what good technology looks like! Straightforward, easy to use, and backed by great customer service! 

So, the next time you have a bad experience with technology- PLEASE don't take it personally! 80% of the time, it isn't you! You may need some more information, a better alternative, or some moral support! Or, maybe you need some technology coaching (we know some peoples that can help with that!)

Until next time... 

Miranda at ZynnyME helping you find and use the BEST technology! 


I can't resist one little story here... not useful for most... but fun! I do have a friend... and she isn't bad at technology! However... her body chemistry seems to not relate well to technology! Seriously! This girl can go through 3 phones in a year and they just plain die on her!

So, for those of you who find that even with updated hardware- you are prone to problems with harddrives and things failing- I completely believe you! 

For you, it is VERY important to have a great backup system in place! You know it will break- so you need some extra setup to make sure that the transition process is as painless as possible and you don't LOSE anything!