Going completely paperless… A few tips to streamline your practice even further!

Ahh… isn’t it great to be rid of those mountains of paperwork? Still find paperwork building up? Here are some quick tips to help you go to the next level and have a stress-free healing space!

DropBox is a free program that allows you to easily backup documents on your desktop, laptop, and even your smartphone. This is a great place to store forms, contracts with managed care people, and things that make your business run smoothly. However, DO NOT store clinical information here. Although it is encrypted- DropBox does not have the correct privacy practices in place to secure medical data.

EverNote is a free program that you can link to your scanner for keeping track of receipts, business materials, and more. It backs up all of your materials. Of course, this requires us to actually take the time to scan things in….

MyOfficeDrop is a paid subscription program that takes the pile out of scanning. They send you an envelope each month. You can put in any materials you like and they will securely scan them and then shred and recycle or return them to you. All documents with type become searchable and are backed up in a secure repository where you can easily search and access your data. You might just consider this for your home office where things start to pile up!

Shoeboxed is an alternative to Evernote that is setup to easily track all of your receipts. You can take a picture with your smartphone and a live person confirms that all information is entered in correctly. You can get rid of the receipt after that and simply share the receipt information with your bookkeeper, accountant, or import it into QuickBooks.

Get an EASY TO USE scanner! There are all in one options as well as desktop options that will make your life easier. I recommend playing with a friends or colleagues and making sure it is EASY PEASY! And, then use it as little as possible! Focus on elimination of paper.

Consider upgrading to a windows based tablet computer when your computer finally dies. You want a tablet that allows you to use a special pen to write that will auto-convert your chicken scratch into type!  

Hope these quick tips help you to feel inspired today to start the new year with practices in place that streamline your business so you can do more of what you love: healing and living!

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