Interview with a Photographer

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting up with Julie from JDP Photography. She's the gal who loves, phone, clothes and iPad cover! As you know, we are really BIG on your face being your logo...not balancing rocks or bamboo. People want to see who they are going to be meeting with. It helps your potential clients reduce their anxiety about the process. So here are some tips when interviewing a photographer for your headshots. 


  • Ask for a portfolio. In their portfolio you will get a definite idea for their style of photography. Julie specializes in executive and business portraits. Her style is clear in her portfolio and she even has some headshots of therapists that she has worked with. We love more "laid back" kind of looks to portraits, but others want a more professional look...or both! Either way, you want to be sure the photographer can sense your personality and communicate it in a picture. By looking at their portfolio, you will understand if they are able to do this!

  • Ask about location. You may want a shot of you in your office, but it is important to also have an outdoors shot for those websites that require it for you to advertise. Some photographers only work out of their studio or at certain locations. Julie can meet you anywhere in the OC or LA, for example. The more flexibility the photographer has for location, the better.

  • Ask about format. Some photographers will send the picture to you in a digital format but it may be sized only for your website. You might want to put that picture on larger advertising pages so make sure the picture will meet those needs. I mean, one could be on a billboard, right?

  • Ask about cost. I list this last for a reason. Meet with people first on skill then find out what they cost. If it is the right photographer and exactly what you need, you might be willing to go out of your budget just a litte. (You are budgeting for this business expense right?) The cost might include 1 revision to the photo. You will want to ask how many headshots you will get. Some will only do one or two and charge extra for more. Check out Miranda's website and you will see that she has 2 or 3 different pics is nice and it gives you a sense of who she is.


To find out more about headshots and why we love them, check out our 30 day program for website building. Or if you have a headshot and want our feedback, drop us a line :) We would love to hear from you. Thanks to Julie for meeting up with me! -Kelly