Do you need a niche to market your private practice? 

why websites for therapists need to have a niche or specialty to get great clients

why websites for therapists need to have a niche or specialty to get great clients

Therapists in private practice contact us daily with one simple request- how do I get more clients? And whether they just need more clients period, or they are looking for more committed or private pay clients- our first step is always the same: Have you really identified who you work best with, and are you getting the message out clearly in the world? Scroll to the bottom to watch the free 60 minute training about how to get people referring clients to you! 

Here are a few quick tips if you don't have time to watch the entire video right now. 

Niching will never mean you see the exact same clients over and over again. There will always be wonderful diversity in your private practice 

Niching doesn't mean you have to be pigeon-holed for the rest of your career. Your specialization and expertise will shift and expand over time. 

Niching means being clear about the one thing you want people to remember about you. Nobody can remember your entire resume on first meeting. The more information you give to people-it can actually make it HARDER for them to remember you and refer to you. (We give specific examples of this in the training). 

Learning the concept of niching is important even if you want a general practice or live in a rural area where a super narrow niche doesn't make sense! 

Understanding niching, how to get referrals, and when to refer out is integral to clinical success and avoiding burnout. 

Niching allows you to focus on great clinical outcomes and ensuring every person who comes to you gets amazing services. 

I hope that helps gives you some great information about developing a niche or specialization for your private practice. Download your private practice vision checklist to get clear on what makes sense for your happy practice! 

We mention this article: by the fabulous Scott Miller, PhD. Remember, the most important thing you should come back to is the best way to get people raving about your practice is to make sure you have excellent outcomes with clients. Developing a clear process for determining who you work best with is one way to do that! 

Download your free Choosing a Niche worksheet as part of the Private Practice Library by clicking here.