Importance of Design

When setting up your website or any other advertising materials, design is important to keep in mind. You don't want it distracting from your content (the most important aspect). At Zynnyme, we do a lot of our own design work. We created our own logo and business cards. It is fun for us. But sometimes, we get busy and can't do it all. When that happens we go to experts to help out. (This is a business tip don't have to do it all, just pick the right people to help you).

Recently Miranda and I attended the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium Conference in Washington DC. We had so much fun. We wanted to have great information for people that just wanted to read about us and not stop by and chat. So we designed our flyers to hand out at the conference. We got one side designed and just didn't have time to finish. So we contacted Heather Harney from Boy vs Girl Design to help out. She created a great flyer for us to add to the other side. 

So here are some tips when getting a designer to help you:


  • Make sure you need a designer. Sometimes people want to pour money into a flashy handout or website, but the content or business plan is not there. Beauty falls short when their is no depth to what you are doing.

  • Ask to see a portfolio. You want to get an idea of their experience and their strengths in design.

  • Be clear about what you want. From size of project, quality of print, color scheme, etc. share it with the designer.

  • Read your contract. Great designers have great contracts. Heather shared with me what her responsibilities were and what my responsibilities were. That surprises! This is important. Heather gave us 2 mock ups with 2 revisions and 1 final project to use. I was clear that I wanted a certain size and look with colors to match our logo.

  • Know thy budget. Yes it would be nice to get Armani when all you can afford is Goodwill. If you are on a really tight budget, we recommend where you can get some design work done for $5 a project. But know too that you sometimes get what you pay for. Heather asked for what we wanted and then gave us a quote. That worked best for us.


So you want to see what we designed??? Come by and see us at the CAMFT Conference. We will have a booth and can't wait to meet you!

Thanks Heather for all of your help! You Rock!

Will this be useful to anyone other than Uriah?

Well, if you have been watching the conversations over at you might notice that Uriah Guilford is our resident geeky therapist. In fact, Uriah loves technology so much- he even loves Wordpress! (Which we generally do not!) haha... 

We know that most of you are not geeks. However, we do know that a few of you may play with fonts from time to time. The thing to realize about fonts as a business owner is that many of the cool free fonts on the Internet are not for free for your business! 

(If you think that nobody will ever come after you for using a font or image since you are small business, ask me about the $1,000 mistake I made when "borrowing" a cool image from a blog for a workshop we put on! Side note: The images on Google image search are also NOT free in most cases for commercial use).

But, there IS hope! There are some great fonts that are FREE for commercial use! Notice they are wonderful, but also very easy to read. We love the swirly, pretty fonts as much as the next person- but remember when marketing your busy you want your font to be easy to read on the web, in print, etc. 

Here is the link to a fabulous blog that highlights 50 of the most fantastic blogs that are free for commercial/business use.

I hope y'all enjoy! (Oh and if you are wondering how to install a font- post a comment below with the version of your computer Mac or PC and the version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7... or "I don't know"). The type of computer and version will change the instructions COMPLETELY! 

In fact, I just downloaded my favorites from the list onto my laptop and my desktop- and it was a completely different process for each of them! 

So, until next time- know that you CAN have a successful, thriving business! You can (and should) build your own website (here is why), and technology can help save you time and money!