Apps Reviews: Transforming Old Money Habits

We LOVE all of the amazing ways that people are harnessing the power of a SmartPhone to help people live better. 

While the news may be telling people we are in a horrible Depression- many people are realizing the changes in our economy have been a wonderful opportunity to reflect, rethink, and revisit old habits to make some shifts. Some people are even finding that they live better with LESS (imagine that). 

I saw fabulous blog post from Certified Money Coach, Lynn Telford-Sahl sharing how there are apps that will help you or people you know can start to shift the old ways you spend money. Read her fabulous article that will walk you through types of money habits you might want to focus on- as well as sharing some app options

She shares about Urge, only available on the Iphone. Here is a quick one Android that has rave reviews SmartyPig. Habit Maker, Habit Breaker is available on both Android and Iphone. 

What about you? Have you used or referred people to any of these apps? We'd love to hear your feedback on the ease of use and whether you find apps to be helpful in changing your daily money habits!

App Reviews: Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Since ZynnyMe happens to be run by two therapists AND we happen to specialize in working with clients who are on the "nervous" side with technology- we thought it best to start with some great apps that can help you, your family, or your clients manage their anxiety and stress better! 

Our favorite stress reduction apps availabe on both Iphone and Android- and all FREE! 

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