Want to grow your practice? You need to do this first.

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You have a checklist of things you need to get done to keep the engine of your practice humming along. You are so focused on getting that phone ringing because every time it does, it makes you feel a little bit more confident and secure that you know what you are doing.

Diana joined bootcamp after she had started her practice and had just left her full time job. She had one of those - “I have to make this work” kind of moments. She had some of her marketing in place, she had the website but she was overwhelmed.

Google private practice coaching or building a private practice you will find a TON of resources. Ever try to watch all the webinars from all the people, read the blogs and take in all the free downloads? It can be a lot of information to take in and coalesce into a plan.

So she did bootcamp and stuck with that as her plan. She chose to do insurance and felt that was right for her. And when a couple years had passed, she discovered it was not longer a good fit and bootcamp was still there for her to make the transition.

But when asked if focusing on a specific plan through bootcamp paid off for her, how did she respond? She said yes! BUT the plan isn’t where the transformation occurred. The growth in her practice is attributed to her own personal growth. As she invested in herself, her knowledge, and challenged her myths, her practice in turn benefited and flourished. Taking care of you is first priority.

Take a listen to her story - it will only take 12 minutes of your day to be inspired and reminded that every practice has a place in this world.