Private Practice Success Stories in 2019: What is Working in Private Practice NOW?


10 years ago when Kelly and I started helping therapists grow private practices there was next to no information online. Everything was behind membership sites or required expensive coaching to access. In the last 10 years the resources for therapists in private practices have exploded!

In one sense we are SO happy about that! We LOVE that therapists can access so much great content anytime they need it. But now, what we are hearing from therapists is that they are getting TOO much information. They need to discern what information makes sense for them and their unique practices.

What is outdated? What can be skipped? What should you do FIRST? We invited 5 of our alumni from Business School Bootcamp for Therapists to share what is and is not working in private practice right now.

You will hear from 5 VERY different therapists, from different cities, different backgrounds, different specialities, different ages, different life circumstances, etc. Click to watch below today and be inspired!

Yolanda runs a group therapy practice in Florida. Listen to how she changed her mindset and her life and found work/life balance while continuing to grow her practice.

Tabitha is a single mom and a therapist in Raleigh, NC who is passionate about working with trauma victims. Listen to how she went from working 4 jobs out of fear, to having a successful private practice and leaving time for hiking on the weekends instead of working Saturdays.

Marca is a therapist in Portland, OR who is passionate about working with specialities along the LGBTQ spectrum and working with people who need support around polyamory. She shares about getting licensed as a second career at 50, recovering from burnout, and building up to 16 clients in 13 weeks in a brand new state.

Lauran a counselor in Orlando shares her journey as a wounded healer that came to the profession based on her own journey of healing. She launched from scratch last September and has just two spots left before she is full.

Joanne is a couples therapist in San Jose who has a faith based practice that combines Brainspotting and Enneagrams in a unique way to help people get to their core relationship issues quickly and easily. She started as a prelicensed therapist, and is now licensed in her own private practice and has all the tools for that transition.

If you need help figuring out what will work for YOU, and creating a systematic plan and streamlined processes, and finally being able to feel ease in your private practice- learn more about bootcamp and schedule an interview today at: Bootcamp kicks off March 12th, 2019 with our first group coaching call! Now is the time!