BSB Stories: An Invitation


It's story time. But it isn't just a story about a person who wins all the time because that is called a fairy tale. We are talking real stories - where people fail, get confused, find their way, change direction, fight some battles and honestly embrace the whole of the journey while falling upward. 

We are inviting a few of our bootcampers to share their stories. They are going to show up with the real, raw and honest truth of what it takes (because they are still in their businesses refining things) to start and grow a private practice. We've asked them to honestly answer your questions too because that's what this is all about.

So if you want to learn from other therapists, get the low down on bootcamp and how it can help your practice and to hear how honestly it's tough sometimes but it's also fabulous sometimes, then come join the LIVE Panel.


You will meet private practice owners who have

....a singular super specific niche

....a group practice

....a practice that has added consultation

....a multi-niched practice

....a pre-licensed practice

Join us - click the link here.