Starting a Counseling Practice Part 10: Blogging for Your Niche

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We have other blogs where we talk about what not to do when blogging or how to write a blog, but the focus of this blog (how many times have I said blog already?) is going to be how to blog for your niche.

Let’s just clarify why we love blogging. Beyond the benefits of SEO and networking,  when you blog, it gives you a chance to connect with your potential client. It is an outlet to demonstrate some of your knowledge and expertise while bringing value and building trust. When you blog, you need to keep your niche in mind and give them information that can help them in some way.

When you choose your niche, you spend time to get to know the demographics and the psychographics of the person you would love to help. We talk about this in one of our webinars about how we want your ideal clients to resonate with you so clearly they wonder if you have been following them around all day because you just understand them so well.

When you “get” your niche, then you understand their pain points and their aspirations. Those are the things you speak to in your blogs. Have a conversation and share some of your knowledge about what they are going through. This isn’t therapy, but it is a chance for education and building trust.

When you blog think about the takeaway. What is the point and purpose? What is the value? If you can’t come up with an idea, then it isn’t a blog that is best for your marketing. Now the value can be purely inspirational, it doesn’t have to be a homework assignment. But you want to speak to the needs of your niche. Our clients tell us how they get calls after someone found their website, read their blog and felt they just connected with what was written. That is the best feeling!

Oh! And some last minute tips - Your blogs don’t have to be written. You can do a vlog (video) or audio and have it transcribed. You may also submit blogs to other sources. Your niche may not find your website, but they might be reading Huffington Post or Elephant Journal. The research on your niche will help you find places where you can have your voice be heard.

So now what should you write about?  Check out this blogging topic guide to get your creative juices flowing.

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