My Journey From Therapist to Consultant

Therapist turned consultant

Therapist turned consultant

The truth is, I will always be a therapist. I never set out to be a consultant. It is interesting sometimes the journey that life takes. Sometimes, there is a higher purpose and path to each of our lives, something bigger guiding us. 

My Path To Being a Consultant

My journey to becoming a consultant started by failing a licensing exam by 1 point. It was heart wrenching and mortifying. I couldn't have imagined how many amazing things could've come out of that experience

  • I learned a ton about who I was

  • I became a better therapist

  • I stepped into a role as a leader

  • I created a study group that has helped thousands of therapists from around the United States for the last 10 years

  • I became acutely aware of how silly the process was when they realized there was a problem with the exam and sent me a letter saying I passed several months later

Everything Happens For a Reason

I truly believe that each and every one of your experiences, frustrations, fears, and all of your life is preparing you for the present and the future. Every time someone tells you your dream isn't feasible- it is simply a crossroads where you choose who you will be. You will either make a choice to go forward into your purpose no matter what anyone says, give up, or develop a clearer picture of what you are really meant for. 

Every Obstacle is an Opportunity

I have had been at that crossroads. I have sat in the struggle of them more times than I can count. Here are just a few opportunities I had to give up: 

  • Being told for years by classmates and professors that I was a terrible writer and my work was unreadable

  • Failing my licensing exam

  • My husband losing his job (more than once) while I was in private practice

  • People telling me they wouldn't refer to me until I got on insurance panels

  • People publicly judging me and inferring that offering faith based counseling was unethical, unprofessional, and made me a bad therapist

  • Having my husband get offered an amazing opportunity in another state that meant I needed to close my caseload and stop seeing clients

  • Having people publicly say that ZynnyMe is an unnecessary venture meant only as a money making venture

Obstacles are Hard for a Reason

Every time I went through an obstacle, it challenged me to get stronger. It challenged me to get clearer about why I was doing what I was doing. It was an opportunity for me to allow the doubts come to the surface and really explore who I was, and became at peace with my path. It forced me to really check in and align with- is this REALLY what I meant to be doing in this moment. 

Clarity is a Powerful Tool

I am clear about my purpose. I am clear about what I am supposed to be doing in this moment. Are you? Have you given yourself permission to really dig deep, look at the fears, and step into whatever your path is- no matter how hard it is? No matter how many people question your abilities, your motives, or your truth? 

What is my path? 

My path in this moment is to educate, empower, inspire, and tool therapists to go and change the world. My path is to ensure that psychotherapy experiences a revival in our culture that is triggered by hundreds and then thousands of therapists getting real messages based on truth out into the world. I am aware that each and every therapist that I can help connect out in the world with clients and do transformational work means our world becomes a better place. 

There are too many therapists ready and willing to make change in the world sitting in empty rooms. There are too many therapists who are hiding their expertise in rooms with their caseload of clients who need to ensure their passion lives beyond them. 

What is your path? 

What are you meant to be doing right now? What are you meant to be doing in 3 months? Take a moment and write it down. Get SUPER clear and keep tweaking it until your vision vibrates with every fiber of your being- even if that clarity brings up a ton of fear, anxiety, and questions. 

Share in the comments below your big passion and vision.