16 Reasons Therapists are Attending the Most Awesome Conference

Kelly, Joe, and I were all together in Orlando, Fl for the American Counseling Association's Annual Conference. As we were chatting, we thought we'd ask a question to the attendees who've already signed up for the Most Awesome Conference for Therapists. The answers we received gave us chills! 

Reason #1: Connecting with Therapists Who Practice Abundance

I signed up for the conference because being around fellow business owners that practice abundance and encouragement fills me up! The greatest benefit so far is expanding and deepening the online relationships I've made. Anna Osborn, LMFT www.annaosbornmft.com

Reason #2: This is a rite of passage

This conference feels to me like a launching point, a rite of passage for my business' growth and expansion. I'm inspired by and in awe of the colleagues I am meeting online. Rebecca Wong, LCSW www.rebeccawonglcsw.com

Readon #3: I'm ready to get "caught up." 

 I signed up for 2 main reasons (and many small) I have felt like I’ve been in the weeds since I had my third baby in May 2014 and the thought of having an extended amount of time to think and get “caught up” was beyond appealing. Also, I deeply believe that two brains is better than one, so the other draw is having the 4+ minds of successful business strategists there to give feedback and guidance.

Reason #4: "I'm a girl who needs a deadline" 

I already feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of it. There is a momentum and energy…and I’m a girl who needs a deadline. The most practical tip that I love was using fiverr to have your logo made into a short video for intros and the book recommendations The One Thing and Essentialism, I’m loving them and already this Saturday it allowed me to make better choices and get some work caught up! Amber Hawley, LMFT www.fremontcounselingservices.com

Reason #5: "I have a right to make a great living." 

I'll state this in the positive but it's really a reaction to the negative environment therapists can inhabit. I am a guilt-free therapist who provides a sacred service that's difficult to get outside of my profession AND I have a right to make a great living for the service I provide. Why am I going to this conference? Because I'm interested in learning from and connecting with professionals who believe in themselves.

Reason #6: "One in a lifetime opportunity." 

I signed up because I knew I wanted to be a part of awesome therapists and get the latest marketing help out there!! I had a feeling this was going to be very special and a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

Reason #7: "offering opportunity to do and complete." 

The conference inspired a few things to in me to move me to sign up. 1) offering opportunity to do and complete. 2) offering coaching & goals 3) positivity and mindset of success and assumption of already being awesome! These are in line with self efficacy and empowerment that informs my work, felt like a match! So, far feeling like goals are helpful. Coaching too. Excited to experience more and be among like minds who create, inspire, grow and exude awesomeness!!

Reason #8: "thrilled that this is an opportunity to GET IT DONE." 

I signed up because the Bootcamp was so helpful for me to think about being, and making choices, like a businessperson. I also was thrilled that this is an opportunity to GET IT DONE versus put in on my list to do later. It has already helped me because I contacted my web designer to start making some changes to my website so I can easily implement the changes during and RIGHT after the weekend.

Reason #9: "Joining forces and presenting a conference together, how could I resist?"

 I signed up because I have been following the work of Joe Sanok, Julie Hanks, Miranda Palmer & Kelly Higdon and Ernesto Segismundo for the past 8-9 months on my own. When I heard they were joining forces and presenting a conference together, how could I resist ? The benefit so far is feeling a growing connection with each of them through this private FB group, and the community of other participants too !!!

Reason #10: "Flying over 14 hours to be a part of this conference." 

My Fear of Missing Out signed me up pretty quickly; I am flying over 14 hours to be a part of this conference. I know the power of being in a room with like minded people, we all rise to a new level. I doubt anyone will go home unchanged and for the better!

Reason #11: "I am at a tipping point with my practice." 

 I sense that I am at a tipping point with my practice, kind of a yes/no stage when I will either bring this model into its next stage of development, or just float along. This can be my personal dream that I enjoy and then ends when I retire, or it can be the big and important game changer that I believe it should be. I choose the latter.

Reason #12: "the people you hang out with the most influence you the most." 

I signed up because the people you hang out with the most influence you the most. I so enjoy the attitude we can do anything that you set your mind to. Failure is not an option, abundance, success and a little a** kicking is healthy. I signed up because sometimes I just don't know where to go, do or work on next. I don't have all the answers and that is ok here. I can be valued for my talents and not have to know everything. Because of energy, kindness, the ability to have fun, laugh and learn. I signed up because Miranda PalmerKelly HigdonJulie de Azevedo-Hanks and Joseph R. Sanok are really people that put themselves out there, are doing their best to help me be my best. Lastly, cause I love a good party by the beach! oh and yeah wine.....lots of wine....

Reason #13: "The energy, positivity, creativity, support, and 'I can' attitude of this group has been inspiring, motivating, and AWESOME!" 

I signed up because I have benefitted greatly from working with Miranda Palmer and Kelly Higdon through coaching and bootcamp that I absolutely could not resist a conference with them joining forces with Julie de Azevedo-Hanks and Joseph R. Sanok! The energy, positivity, creativity, support and I can attitude of this group has been inspiring, motivating and AWESOME!! Plus I love La Jolla!

Reason #14: "It's like being in a summit for helping the world be a better place!" 

The thing that has been so rewarding is recognizing that we are all going to get together in a beautiful setting for two day to help each other grow personally, professionally , and to stretch in getting our message out to those that need our help. Its like being in a summit for helping the world be a better place....Isn't it???? Stuart Fensterheim www.thecouplesexpertscottsdale.com

Reason #15: "I really like the idea of spending time at a conference that is based on producing/learning rather than just learning alone." 

I have been listening to Joseph R. Sanok's podcast for the last few months and was introduced to the other facilitators of the conference through that podcast. I enjoy everthing I see from all facilitaors so that was huge draw. The opportunity to network and connect with others that are in a similar unfolding process is a big motivator for me. I always find networking to be so valuable! Also, I really like the idea of spending time at a conference that is based on producing/learning rather than just learning alone. I'm confident that the take aways will be well worth the investment!

Reason #16: "be around a group of kick-ass entrepreneurs." 

I signed up for this conference because I wanted to learn from and be around a group of kick ass entrepreneurs who are changing the dynamics of how our profession does business. Kamistorck-MFT.com