The Best Gift To Give Yourself

Our work by nature is one of giving. We give of our time, our listening, our efforts to process and contain and help people move forward into more healing. It a beautiful and rare kind of work that we do as helpers and healers.

But when was the last time you gave back to yourself? 

I tend to ask my therapy clients this when we discuss the holidays. What are you giving yourself? The answer can be tangible items or intangible gifts like compassion or permission.

Applying this to the private practice context, as a business owner, how are you giving back to yourself and your business?

Here are ways therapists can give back to themselves:

  • Training - Honing our craft keeps us creative and innovative in our work. Our clients benefit and we stay energized. Whether you are exploring or you have specific certification goals, it is important to feel alive in our work and to continue to grow.

  • Coaching - Having laser focused support opens up possibilities and aligns our purpose with our planning. I don't believe that building a business is a solo endeavor. It is best done in community and with support.

  • Consultation and Supervision - Feeding and nurturing our process in front of others that are supportive also opens up our creativity and clinical sharpness when working with clients. Hands down this has been one of my best investments as a licensed clinician. We need to break isolation and share our experiences so that we can be challenged in our work and just be better.

  • Hobbies and Interests - We bring ourselves into our work. It's inevitable. So staying curious with our own interests outside of the business will have a direct impact on our work as clinicians - from the therapy we provide to the way we run our business. Think about the therapist that loves art. You might end up bringing your art into your work as a therapist.

So maybe this is a little cliche of a post, but in a time when we are focused on giving to others, I want to encourage you to just stop and think about how you would like to give to yourself. 

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