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Social media for your business - if it isn't making you money then there is a problem. No one wants to flush money down the toilet. But I for one, and hopefully you too, don't want to be flushing my time either. Whatever I invest in, I want to see a return. And if I don't, I learn my lesson and move on. 

Facebook, twitter, pinterest, all those fun social media sites are great for your business. In fact, I talked to a client today who has used Linkedin to generate an extra 20k in income. Nice! But I find a lot of business owners are doing social media blindly and unsure if it is making them money. Not so nice! 

What do you need to make sure social media works for your business?

  • Know what you are selling - be really clear about what you do/offer and don't be shy about it either.

  • Know who you are selling to - know your audience and connect with them. Show them you understand what they are going through and that you know how to help. This is important too for choosing the platforms you want to use. Not all platform appeals to the same people.

  • Know where your leads are coming from - there are numerous ways to do this, but "I found you on the internet" only goes so far. There are ways to track leads if you do ads or track links that you use in your social media. (something we love teaching our clients). When you know where people come from then you can invest more time and money in those spaces.

  • Know your funnel - Posting for someone to sign up for your program - eh, not very effective. Posting to invite someone to download your video, then invite them to your webinar, then invite them to a consult then offer them your program - much more effective for you because you have a process by which you can choose who you work with.

  • Know it takes time and money - paying for ads will generate leads for your business faster. But places like LinkedIn - that is just frankly more time intensive. While very rewarding, if you think you can just automate your social media on hootesuite (like we used to do) that won't work if you are selling something. There has to be some live component. I still automate some stuff, but not everything and not the real important stuff.

Social media can generate business for you. Hands down. I don't doubt it. You just might need a plan. And having someone else do it for you is not a plan (just in case that thought entered your mind). Getting serious about your purpose and putting it into action is essential. How about you? Has social media made you money lately?