The 3 Bosses

Part of why I went into business for myself is because I could be my own boss. I get to determine the boundaries and the direction of my business. I set my hours, plan my projects... How awesome is that?! Yet, I don't always rule the roost so to speak. In fact, most business owners I speak with struggle with the very same thing. So let's talk about who is really the boss of your business. Here are the 3 most common bosses that entrepreneurs struggle with:

  • Negative self talk - I like to call it "the committee" and those on the committee are usually the people that never believed in you, tell you that you are worthless, or just tell you "you can't do that!" The committee is the insecurities from the past and current situations. Private practice owners that heed to the committee will find themselves stuck in fear and a place of unworthiness. How do you break through that? I encourage people to start putting people on the committee that do believe in them. Basically, overrule the committee. Tell it off :) and tell it - "YOU ARE WRONG!" Changing your thinking from fear to self-worth will open your mind up to possibilities and enable you to take the risks necessary to grow your business.

  • The economy/government - "The system" is the big fear mongering evil that some business owners hold onto as a reason that their business can't grow. While the economy does have an impact on business, how do you explain that there is still diversity amongst businesses - some have survived or thrived and others have shut down. Obamacare is currently one of the biggest scares for people in the health industry. I hear of panic and desperation to get on insurance panels or contract with the government plans. Business owners that are successful, feel the fear and go forward anyway. They plan to reach the people that aren't impacted by the economy or they provide solutions that are more valuable than what people can get from the government. You have to rise above the economy and keep pursuing other options until you find what works. It takes tenacity and creativity - foundations for running your own business.

  • Peers - You look around, have a coffee with your office mate, go to a networking meeting and what do you hear? People saying you can't charge this or that, or market this or that way in "our field." Really? How do they know? Have they ever tried? Have they ever contracted out employees, created programs or products or started marketing online in a clear focused way? But yet, we allow our peers to influence us and believe the cannots. One of the keys to success is surrounding yourself with successful people - and not necessarily the people in your field. I have learned from marketing gurus and have my own sales coach who isn't anywhere near being in the mental health field, but I have learned more than ever before and am able to translate that into what I do. Challenge yourself to see other options. Don't get stuck with the nay sayers.

Anytime one of these bosses creeps up, I call my coach. (Yes, coaches have coaches!) I spend time checking my thoughts and fears and while I may feel the fear, I trust myself more than ever before. Fears do not dictate my business decisions, I do. So before you look to your peers, the government or just start buying into your negative self worth - take a moment and remember how you got here in the first place. Look at your strengths, value your goals and get the help you need to move your business forward.