Taking your Website from an Island to a Hub!

So, let's say you have a beautiful website. You hired a fabulous graphic designer, or signed up for a Website in a Box like TherapySites, you spend several hours sweating over it- and then you think ahh- done! 

Within a few days- you Google your name and there you are on Google! Woohoo- you made it! You might even get a few random calls... people saying they found you "on the Internet" but are quite vague as to where. You think- ahh the website! 

Not so fast- you need to make your sure your website isn't an island!


What is an island? It is a website that assumes you already have the direct coordinates to get there. Kind of like an uncharted island that requires you have GPS coordinates in order to find. For most small business owners starting out- your name is like GPS coordinates- most people just don't have them! 

You want your website not to be some exclusive island! Let's face it- you want it to be a premiere destination that select people seek out because it has exactly what they need- you! You want people searching for the specific services and perks you have to find you at the top of Google- not somebody who may or may not be the right person for them. You don't want someone else getting their business just because they were findable and you were hidden! 

So, how do you know if you are a hub? A hub takes potential travelers through your website. Think like a potential client for a moment. What are they searching for? Bathroom design ideas? Counseling? Teen Bootcamps? Type those terms into the search engines and see what comes up! 

I talk to fabulous, unique business people every day who are experts in their field- but Google doesn't know it! Nobody can find them. In fact, some of them have even put great, compelling content on their websites that Google should be looking at- but that isn't being seen because of a website that doesn't work that is built on a program like Ipages, TherapySites or an outdated site that can't be easily updated or integrated with a blog. 

I'm feeling very visual today after working with a great illustrator/designer at http://staudesign.com I hope your website ends up looking more like the fabulous Chatelet station in Paris... yes I know this metro map is probably woefully out of date... but it reminds me of the wonders of travel and getting out of the office!