My Software Picks

So, I told you yesterday about how I got a shiny new all-in-one computer. Generally, I get the cheapest laptop on clearance at OfficeMax... However, with all of this fun tech stuff at ZynnyMe- I found that there were some major limitations! But, quick note to y'all I built all of my websites and did a ton of graphic design, video recording etc. on a relatively recent, but not top of the line laptop- less than $500... so you don't have to spend 2k to run a business! 

So, back to the point- when I went to which software did I choose to load on my lovely new computer and why? Here is the lowdown:

Chrome: This is an alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer and is a FAST way to browse the internet. I want fast and easy internet! 

Firefox: I downloaded this "just in case" but don't plan to use it frequently. Firefox doesn't like the amount of tabs I have open constantly. 

Skype: Secure video and phone transmissions! I can talk to my grandparents for free when they are out of the country (which is half of the year), schedule networking across the gold, and even do web counseling sessions in a pinch (if clients are traveling and have an emergency. 

Itunes: Yep... got the Iphone- have to have ITunes. This was the EASIEST Itunes install ever!! 

Hulu: As a gal without any TV or Cable in her house- Hulu is my main source of TV-like Entertainment. It can be fun if client's no-show and my brain is not reading-ready, and it is FREE. 

Runtimes: I chose everything in this category- because I don't want to load it later. It isn't that I will "do" anything with any of these programs. It is that these programs will allow me to play on the Internet without getting any annoying messages that I need to download something to view. Now here is one of my favorites! If you've ever dreamed of having a few of the perks of a Photoshop program, download in this category. It takes a little bit to get used to- but it is completely free and there are video how-tos out there on the Internet. 

Picasa: This is a great way to keep track of all of your personal pictures- and maybe your business ones if you do photography as part of your work. 

Office: If you are planning on installing Microsoft Office- this is the FASTEST way to do it! Of course, Office is expensive- so if you aren't sure you might want to download...

OpenOffice: This is a free version of Microsoft Office. There are some differences- but you can get most of the same functionality. 

CutePDF: Most new computers come with an easy way to convert your document into a PDF to easily share forms, flyers, etc. If yours doesn't have one- you can download this free PDF maker software!

Security: Avast Antivirus is great for home/personal computers. I use this baby on my grandma's computer and it doesn't require giving Norton/McAfee a bunch of moola every year to stay protected. AVG is great for your commercial/business computer. MalwareBytes is a favorite of my husbands. Every computer needs some great protection in place!

In the Other category download "DropBox" You can learn more at If you've ever had certain files at work, some at home, and ended up emailing them back and forth to yourself- you really want DropBox. It downloads a piece of software to every computer you want to work in. When you go to "save" or "open" your work you can work in your DropBox folder. Your files will be the same at home, office, school- wherever you are! (How cool is that?)

There are a few other geeky ones that I downloaded- but you don't need 'em! Let me know what you think! Any of this software fill a void for you?