Access to Expertise: A longer story than usual...

I love working with small business owners, because many of them don't even realize how valuable they are! I love helping them to see their expertise and their value and translate that onto their website, into social media. Sometimes, Kelly and I just get to help people use the best tools to let them focus on their expertise. 

However, this morning I am reminded of part of the reason why Kelly and I of have been so successful- we have access to some wonderful experts in our own homes. I won't "out" Kelly's hubby at the moment- but I will take a moment to tell you about mine. 

When people meet my husband and find out he has been in IT for over 10 years- they assume "Oh- this is why you are so good at tech!" We both always laugh and say yes, and no. My husband and I focus on completely different aspects of technology. 

In fact, when you have heard me talk about technophilliacs here, (people who love technology for technology's sake), I'm really thinking of my husband! It was a real transition to put someone who is into every latest and greatest technology with someone who is quite frugal (cheap)! 

So, back to the point... I got a new computer yesterday.... wait that isn't the point- well it is and it isn't. If any of you have gotten a new computer, or even considered getting a new computer, you know how much of a pain it can be to get things started on a new computer. 

My husband seemed a little more excited than normal to go in and add all of your software. I thought maybe it was just an "ooh shiny" moment. I know he is busy- so I started doing it myself... he looked disappointed! Why? Because he had a new toy to use! It made loading many of my favorite programs SO much easier, and SUPER fast (oh and FREE). 

The site is called and you simply "check the box" of all of the programs you want to install, click install and it will install all of the programs without a million little "next" and "run" and "finish" and... well you get the picture! 

I'm going to be sharing a post tomorrow(ish) about which programs I decided to download on my new computer and why! But, back to the point, having access to the right expertise can make all the difference and save you literally hours of work! 

Be sure to surround yourself with people who have the knowledge you need. Even better, be sure to make yourself well known enough that other people know the amazing kind of expertise YOU have! Until tomorrow!