Smart Social Networking for REAL People

What do you mean? What is smart social networking for real people? These are people like me and you that would rather be in the garden, at lunch with a friend, or dancing then "tweeting." These are people who are on Facebook because they want to keep up with family and friends- not because they are interested in marketing 12 hours a day! Ok, so if you are are a real person- read on!

What is Smart Social Networking?

Smart Social Networking is focused, purposeful, time saving use of Facebook, Twitter, or some other fancy site for a specific purpose.

Social networking is a wonderful, low-cost (or no-cost) way of expanding the people you know, your referral sources, and keeping you "top of mind" with potential customers or referrals sources.

Many business owners are fearful of falling down the "social networking rabbit hole!" Sitting on Facebook or Twitter all day is not usually good for your business, your health, or your relationships! If you are considering delving into social networking like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you just need to do it in a smart way!

Here are some things that are required to go into social media the smart way:

  1. A basic, but clear understanding of the purpose, function, and culture of these sites.

  2. Putting some of your worry and anxiety away so you can have a little fun with it!

  3. A clear focus in your business- maybe even <gasp> a business plan!

  4. A clear understanding of your business and your customers.

  5. A basic understanding of why and how people make the decision to do business with you.

  6. Some time to play and practice on these sites to have a hands on, kinesthetic understanding.

  7. A knowledge of tools and options that can make things easier so you can decide what would work best for you!

What does it not require:

  1. Sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day.

  2. Purchasing a smart phone (although this can make things easier).

  3. Being young, technologically savvy, or an expert on the subject.

  4. Spending a lot of money.

I hope this quick blog post gives you hope that you CAN use this low-cost or no-cost advertising tool. I would love to hear your questions about social networking, Facebook, Twitter, etc. below. We are in the midst of putting together an online Facebook class that is video based to help where people get stuck again and again!

Until next time: Zynny Says: "If it doesn't save you time, save you money, or make your life better- what is the point?"