Top 10 Signs You May Need a Technology Coach

Thought we might have a little fun this morning with a David Letterman style Top 10 list... wait a minute- is he even on? Wow... I am a dinosaur... Guess y'all know that this gal doesn't stay up past 10 pm- or subscribe to cable! 


  1. Some days you just wish you could pull out your trusty typewriter- because you are SURE that would be faster.

  2. Your paying for SEO, but you have no idea how to check if "SEO" is happening.

  3. You got a fancy new phone- but you aren't sure what all the fuss is about- you can barely answer calls on the #@%$ thing!

  4. You have nightmares about any kind of audit just dreading getting all of your paperwork together.

  5. You are running out of space in your filing cabinet, and space to put more filing cabinets.

  6. You are already feeling anxious while reading this list.

  7. Your computer is constantly glaring at you.

  8. You would hire someone to do something- but you aren't sure what you need.

  9. You did hire someone to do something- but you aren't sure what to do with what they gave you.

  10. You have a vision for your life and your vision, and you are ready to find a plan to implement that actually makes sense!


If you don't "get" all the ways that technology can be used- you aren't alone! There is so MUCH information out there, so much jargon, so much misinformation- it is hard to know where to start. 

I hope this list gave you a few chuckles and normalizes that you are not alone! Watch out for our next blog posting- why your technology coach shouldn't be a techie!