Pros and Cons of Technology

Ever asked a client to write a pros and cons list when making a decision? Why not do this before you integrate some technology into your private practice. We aren't going to tell you that you HAVE to integrate the tech side of things. We are going to tell you that you HAVE to make an informed decision and do what is BEST for your practice.

Pro: People can have access to information 24/7

Con: Some people forget to get some sleep and try to keep up with technology 24/7

o        So, people can find you any time of day or night. You need good limits with your time, or you could end up blogging, tweeting, hooting, and all those fun things until you forgot to that you had a life before. When thinking about utilizing technology, think about how much time you are willing to spend. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself. 

Pro: Technology can do the work for you

Con: You have to put in work up front in order for the technology to be a tool

o        You sign up for twitter and your'e done…right? Nope, there is maintenance and making sure it is all working together well for you. This can take time. It requires some checking in on things…even a basic website. But don’t worry, we will help you!

Pro: You look cool

 Con: All you care about is looking cool 

o        People can get caught up in the idea that the more they sign up for the better. Logins and passwords don’t have to be status symbols. Don’t get obsessed in how many widgets and social profiles you have but instead, focus on the quality of relationships you are building, the utility of the technology to make your practice easier and the information you get to share with a whole lotta people.

Pro: You can broaden your market

Con: You can broaden your competition

o        Let’s say Sally Therapist has always advertised in the local church bulletins and has a great referral source from the local churches. She also give talks at the local women’s shelter. Sally’s practice is thriving. No body else really is marketing to these areas. Does she need technology? Well…does she want more clients? If so then she can market online, but now that market has a whole lot of other people involved, trying to get their private practice noticed. Well, if she needs to appeal to more people, online stuff can help. But, a lot of people are online so she needs to do it well. If she is happy with where she is at, then maybe going online will just make things too busy for her right now.

Pro: Over time, you see a benefit

Con: It takes time to reap the benefit

o        Why can’t I find my website on the first page of google? I put in all this work, I am frustrated. Well, um, it takes time. All good things take time. So if you are looking for instant gratification, you won't find it in Google. 

Pro: Technology is constantly changing

Con: Technology is constantly changing

o        There was a time when twitter was new. Now it is old. What is new? And is what is new what is best for us as therapists? You got to stay on top of this just a little to make sure you are utilizing the best technology for your best business practices. It is just like keeping up with your CEUs.

Is this the end of the list? NO WAY! The list can keep going but now it is your turn to think about what you need in your practice and if technology will work for you. If you get stuck, check out more of our website or give us a call.


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