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Are you looking for reviews or testimonials about what it is like to work with ZynnyMe or the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists? Click here to learn more about the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists and here to learn more about private coaching

Here are just a few! 

Business School Bootcamp for Therapists Dr. Gretchen Kubacky is a health psychologist in West Los Angeles, CA who shares about how powerful it can be to find a community of compassionate therapists, who are also very business minded.
Business School Bootcamp for Therapists Nancy Rhine was wonderful enough to provide permission to share her video journal about her experience in the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists. I LOVE hearing her share her transformation over an 8 day period- and how it is already impacting her clinical work!
Business School Bootcamp for Therapists Lanie Smith helps people reclaim their center and joy through artistic process and artistic play. She shared her thoughts on the power of community during the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists.
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Here is the truth.... we have pages and pages of positive feedback, and a great page of suggestions for the future that we are implementing into our program. Only you know if this is the right program for you. Do something, get support. There are so many great people out there who want to help empower and educate you. 

However, if you have all the information, but you aren't actually implementing it regularly, or you find for some reason it isn't working for you- you may need some direct support and accountability. Consider joining the Business School Bootcamp for Therapist community. 

"I have begun seeing myself as the professional I know I am and have the return of passion, joy, and excitement for my career...I attribute this shift to BSB & fearless leaders, Kelly and Miranda.....I" 

"Thanks for all your hard work Miranda and Kelly! I'm getting so much out of it I think I will actually be sad when it ends. I love the connections here!"

"It is awesome the way you are going step by step to bring up ideas for how to make a private practice work out. There are so many things I never thought of that you are revealing to us. I can just feel myself thinking in a new way, broadening the foundation to launch my business with more confidence. And it's only day three!"

“I really enjoyed the financial piece of the training. There was good news and bad news for me, but just having a more clear and real picture of what I am doing and what I need to do is great. I feel like it is a more stable starting place.”

“I came in today just for the solidarity and I am so thankful that I'm connected to such a wonderful group of honest professionals.”

"As I'm sitting here this morning and I'm thinking about how hard Kelly and Miranda are working on this training to give us the best possible information, I am so grateful that I decided to take this course. Thank you ladies for all of your hard work and thank you to everyone in the group for all of your support as we grow our businesses together!"

“The P&L has really shifted how I view my personal and business expenses!” 

"I am really glad for the online community and positive energy!"

"I am excited to learn how to use speaking opportunities to attract clients!"

"I can't say enough about how rewarding yesterday was! I feel so empowered, hopeful for the future, and full of gratitude for the present!!!"

"I know today's exercises completely grounded me in remembering my value. Thank you ZynnyMe!"

"This is turning out to open all kinds of options…"

"It does have a raw interactive energy to it like it's growing in front of us Like Burning Man for therapists."

"Although, I know how I am with money...I constantly avoid taking a real look at what it means for me and my business!! This boot camp gas been one if you he best investments I've made for my career and business!!"

"I was really dreading the day when we talked money, and it was definitely an eye-opener."

"We're all here learning and developing! I agree...we're here to support each other!"

"They agreed to pay my full fee!! I am so elated right now! Like over the moon with joy and happiness!! Thanks so much Miranda and Kelly for the script, the encouragement, and the awesomeness!!"

"Everything so far has been just what I needed! Especially the script!"

"Thanks for all your hard work Miranda and Kelly! I'm getting so much out of it I think I will actually be sad when it ends. I love the connections here!"

"So far this is pretty weirdly fun for a course on business!"

"Ok - I just used the initial consultation script tweaked to individually to me and landed a client at full pay!!"

"Wow ... this stuff is actually working."

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