Out of the Box Practice - An Interview with Rachel of Sage Parenting

Out of the Box Practice - An Interview with Rachel of Sage Parenting

When I met Rachel and heard her story, I just had to share it with you. Here is a person who has created a life and business that fits for her While her path has been one that is not traditional, I love how she talks about how it has actually opened up more opportunity and expanded her work. 

So if you are wanting to learn from someone who is building a practice that is doesn't fit the mold of brick and mortar, butt in chair, this is a must listen! 

Check out Rachel at Sage Parenting.

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Building a Counseling Practice: Real Life Stories with Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

Mercedes Samudio is on of those clinicians that has a clear niche and is clear about how she helps. She has a coaching practice as well as a psychotherapy practice and she does a great job of explaining the difference. She also shares a fascinating story about using twitter for her practice.  Check out Mercedes at The Parenting Skill.

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Software suggestions for Therapists - Sex Therapy

We are busy getting ready for the CAMFT conference this week. Excited to meet great therapists and learn about all that they are doing in their businesses. I know the last blog post was on Dan Drake, MFT and his new website. But since we like to offer technolgoy tips for you to use not only in your business, but with clients as well. We wanted to feature Dan as a guest blogger. This blog is great for those of you working with people that have sex addiction or struggle with pornography and is a great recommendation for parents that you work with. So here ya go!

Computer Filters and Accountability Software

I'm often asked about good computer filters, so I thought I'd write a bit here to help you get started with some basic information.  For parents, these programs can be very helpful to limit your child's access to certain sites on the internet.  For sex addicts or those who struggle with pornography, setting up filters and accountability software is a vital component of successful recovery.

There are two basic types of programs - Internet filters and accountability programs.  So what is the difference between filters and accountability programs? 

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