Dropping Insurance after Years - Interview with Kayce

Dropping Insurance after Years - Interview with Kayce

As part of our success stories blitz, we are sharing the story of Kayce. When we met her she had been in practice for several years and in her words, she was “winging it.”

Several years of taking insurance panels, taking whatever fee anyone was able to pay her and seeing anyone who gave her a call.

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Private Practice Challenge Week 4: Marketing

Private Practice Challenge Week 4: Marketing

A lot of courses focus on marketing. It’s one of the first things we jump to when we think about our practices - how to get clients in the door. But you notice how we didn’t start with marketing? You notice how we wanted you to get clear on what services you provide and WHO you want to serve?

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Are you losing sleep over your practice?

I love my job. I love that I can support my family helping awesome passionate professionals help and heal their communities.

Do you give yourself permission to do what you love? I was listening to an interview of OneRepublic about the song "Counting Stars" and was completely shocked about what inspired it. Note sure what I am talking about? Here is the song to listen to: 

He had been losing sleep about whether he could really support his family doing what he loved. He talks about "I feel something so right doing the wrong thing." For him, his passion was starting to feel like the wrong thing.

When you open your own private practice or business doing something you are passionate and it doesn't support the life you want or need to live it feels terrible. Many therapists, psychologists, trainers, and other healing professionals feel actual GUILT for doing what they are passionate about or SHAME for wanting to make money doing it.

That is crazy making.

A master's degrees for psychology on the top 5 list for worst paid degrees. Psychologists make more on average- but not by much.  All of these people investing in a great education. They should be experts in mindset issues. But even they struggle with money issues.

We talk about mindset a lot on this blog. Why? Because you will never dig in to the nuts and bolts of your business if you continue to feel ashamed of your desire to make money. Or, if you feel guilty for the level of success you have or have not achieved to date.

We recently started a new round of our intensive business accelerator program. Within a week- one of our clients had made $3,000 from being in the group. Is that because she did lots of technical things in Week 1? No. It is because she worked on her mindset, stepped out of her comfort zone, and allowed herself to step into her true vision for her business.

In the mental health and healing world- there is an insane standard that "you can't make money." Or that your spouse should support your passion.

That is insane.

I was reading up on a survey of therapists in California done back in 2010. Women accounted for over 70% of therapists and the average income was less than $55,000. The average income for men was $10,000 more than women. Male therapists on average are making 20% more than women.


Having talked to female professionals across the United States- I can't help but wonder if this is due to blocking beliefs women have about money.

When I do consultations with business owners and we always start by identifying the end goal so we both understand the desired result. When I ask about how implementing their plan will feel I hear so often that the feely will "relief."

Relief from the daily anxiety that comes from questions like: "Can I make it in private practice?" "Do I have to keep working 50 hours a week in 2 jobs to make it as a therapist?" "Was getting my license really worth it? Did I make a good decision going to graduate school?" "Should have I have opened my own place?" 

There is nothing like the joy that comes from moving out of a paycheck to paycheck mentality. When One Republic talks about counting stars- he says he was referring to not have to count pennies. He was dreaming of a time when he could stay up to count stars instead of losing sleep about whether his passion for music would ever really take care of his family.

Are you losing sleep? Stressing out about your business?

It is time to stop stressing, get a clear vision, and implement.

Do you have a big vision for your business? We want to hear about it. Send us a note at help@zynnyme.com we may even feature a few in our blog

With much joy, Miranda (ad Kelly)

p.s. We have our FREE business planning workshop one last time on January 31st. Feel free tjump over and grab a spot. 

Super Secret p.p.s.

We are going to have "office hours" this Tuesday from 8-5 where Kelly Higdon, MFT will be available to help you develop a plan for your business. We are trying to figure out the best way to help as many people as possible. So, if you want some extra support this Tuesday, e-mail kelly@zynnyme.com with your name, your mobile number, your availability on Tuesday, where your business is at today, where you want it to be, and how committed you are to make your business successful. (We want to make sure that we talk to people who make opening up office hours make sense. 

Let's Get Creative


"You need a website! You need a brochure! Don't forget business cards! Get on Psychology Today!"

You have a great message and know how to help people, but how do they find you? I am sure some of the above ideas, you have heard before. Heck! I probably told you one or two of those. But let's get real for a minute...Marketing doesn't work without a plan or a purpose. So how do you figure out what you need?

Uh oh...back to that planning thing again Kelly? Yep! I know. Am I repeating myself...maybe, but this important stuff. So this is how I approach marketing planning with any of my clients.

  • What tools and services do you offer? How do you help people heal? What do you know and love?

    • Answering these questions demonstrates your value. You gotta know what you are about and what you have to give to the world. It takes bravery but if you care about the people that need you, you will dig deep and find your value.

    • Who benefits from your tools and services? Who are you meant to help?

      • Getting clear on that ideal client is so important. That process never ends and constantly gets renewed in the course of your business. You just get more and more clear as you work on this. But once you identify who you want to work wtih...then you can determine where to find them.

      • Where are these people at? Are they online? Are they in the community?

        • Ok, I will be honest. I am a big fan of online marketing. Why? Well, it works AND it reaches people that I can't reach by pounding the pavement. It extends my support across the world and that is beautiful. But the online world has its challenges. You gotta put your message where the people you want to work with will find it. For everyone that is different. Some people - google ads has really worked and for others it is LinkedIn, and let us not forget about facebook :) This sometimes takes some coaching plus trial and error to find the sweet spots in your marketing placement.

Once you got an idea of the answers to those questions, then you can get creative with what you do to get more people in the door or purchasing your eBook or online course. And this is the fun part for me as a coach. Sure, the idea is to find more clients...but the ways in which to do that are so vast. Newsletters, webinars, social media plans, websites, face to face networking, speaking engagements...oh the list goes on and on. And none of those things alone is a good idea. You have to have purpose remember? So if you do a speaking engagement, get emails, follow up, offer the next step in working with you. If you do a newsletter, give them options to engage in your services. 

There is no magic wand. There is no absolute one perfect way to market your practice. But there is hard work and dedication. There is a unique path for you. If you feel stagnate...your marketing is gonna be stagnate. This is why coaching is so helpful for people. It reignites their passion and gives them laser focus and purpose in their marketing strategies. If you want help, be sure to get on the list for free practice building trainings and articles delivered weekly! 

Facebook - FREE Marketing

I like networking through social media. Today I was looking for therapists in my area to talk to and get to know better. I was shocked!! So many therapists using their personal pages for their business. And there were those not doing anything with their business page. This is FREE networking and marketing and they are missing out! Not convinced? Let me give you some great reasons to be using Facebook


  • It is FREE! - Yes I said this before, but at Zynnyme, we love affordable marketing. We love affordable anything, actually. Can't get better than FREE.

  • It is manageable - If you don't know how to manage it, we do coaching. BUT truly it is easy to manage from your personal profile (if you have one or a simple login if you don't)

  • Easy to link to your website and blog to your business page - which helps your SEO ;)

  • A broad reach - There are more than 800 million users - 19 million are in California. It spans all ages and is fairly equal across genders. The average user visits the site 40 times per month. People can use it on their computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. That is a lot of opportunity to reach people!

  • You can sell product, schedule appointments, start conversations, take a poll and much much more. Facebook business pages don't have to just be a bookmark.

  • It isn't going anywhere - Technology might be scary and social media might be even more overwhelming. However, it isn't going anywhere and in fact it is growing. If you get on the train now, it will be much easer down the road. Facbeook is a great entry level way to enter the social media networking force.

So if you don't have a page - we can help. Contact us here for a consult. Don't miss out on networking and marketing opportunities!

More than two legs to stand on

I was speaking with a friend and colleague yesterday about his new private practice. He has decided to take insurance. His reason is that he doesn't have time to market his private practice. Nothing wrong with taking insurance, really. But if you are doing something you just simply don't want to do and don't have the time to nurture, I don't see how it is going to help your practice thrive. Then later in the day I spoke with another colleague who wasn't sure where to start marketing her
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But I'm old school- I don't do tech

So, I had a little fun this morning creating my own "geico-esque" commercial. I get to talk to business owners and a lot of therapist every day who are terrified that technology is going to take over their lives. Below I have put in a short, silly pirate video that does a "reenactment" of this conversation. I know doing a webcam video would be more personal-but I thought putting on different hats or using different voices might freak you out or make you think I was going nuts! Hope this video makes you smile! 

GoAnimate.com: ZynnyMe Technology Coaching for Real People by ZynnyMe

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

By the way, do you work with or market services or products for kids? I think this would be a fun, amazing way to create kid friendly content about play therapy, kid's toys, or even party planning themes. However, this strategy does require that you have some kind of web presence through a website, facebook page, or email list... 

If you are ready to finally create a website- check out Website in 30 days program for therapists. If you are a small business owner- stay tuned- we will have a similar program coming out for small, niche businesses this summer! 

Post your biggest technology fears or questions below in the comments- or send us an email at help@zynnyme.com 

How to Build a Website: What NOT to do!

Did you know that 70% of small business owners don't have a website? I would even sugges that of the 30% of small business owners that have a website, many of them are ineffective- meaning they don't bring in business or make life easier for the business owner. Before you build or purchase a website, you need to understand what the purpose of the website is, in order to make sure that you are building or purchasing the RIGHT website for you! A website designer, builder, or service it not always looking out for YOUR best interest!
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Can A Pre-Licensed Person Start a Website?

If you are a prelicensed marriage and family therapist, associate clinical social worker, or a clinical supervisor, you may be wondering about this topic. In short, the answer is yes, but. I know, I know, we have heard those "Yes, but" answers from clients forever! Hopefully the Q & A section below will help you to understand why it is, and where the but comes in!
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