I lowered my fee to get more clients... and just made less money...

Last year we made a lot of changes in our business. While one of our favorite things has been seeing the huge return on investment we had from making those changes-there is one other thing that I LOVE even more. 

Because of the way our business now works, I get to do a ton of free consultation sessions with business owners across the United States- that is how I both give back to wonderful people around the country- as well as scoop up the most awesome clients to work with on an ongoing basis. 

This week I was overjoyed to speak to a wonderful person in business who is working SUPER hard, and has tried a million different ways to get her business working. Problem is, she has been trying all the WRONG ways! While I wish I had met her a year ago, it was nice that I didn't have to convince her that the wrong ways didn't work- she had already tested it and knew! 

Last year, she looked at her referrals and realized she just wasn't getting enough clients! So, she made an educated guess about what the issues must be- the price- and made changes to her business based on that guess.

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