The Confident Private Practice Series Part #2: Be You

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Last week we worked on identifying who you are and what you want. Now comes the truly hard part. You start to actually lean into who you are, what you need, and be more of your true self on a daily basis. 

Daring Greatly

While I think what Brene Brown has done for the general population is great, I think her impact on mental health professionals is much more powerful. Many of us went through training and had personal and professional experiences that were focused on easing into the background, becoming other focused, and discounting our own intuition and insights. The truth is, it is scary as hell to say what we really want as therapists.. 

Why Is Saying What We Want So Scary? 

The truth is, there are a lot of burnt out, overwhelmed therapists out there. And, like it or not, burnt-out people aren't always their highest and best self and kind to their coworkers, colleagues, employees, and supervisees. Unfortunately, a lot of us have experienced a great deal of negativity or downright hostility and abuse when doing simple things like: 

  • Expressing preferences

  • Attempting to set healthy boundaries

  • Advocating for our clients

  • Declining to do things against the code of ethics

  • Declining to do things that were illegal

  • Gently informing others of the risks of illegal practices

  • Verbalizing real physical and emotional limitations

Somewhere along the way, scheduling 35-60 clients a week and requiring 30+ minutes of paperwork per client became acceptable within many organizations. Asking therapists to work within theoretical constructs that didn't mesh well with clients, or that plain were not working was normal. And threatening people's jobs if they commented on illegal or unethical behaviors became commonplace. 

I have been working with therapists for a LONG time… and I hold so many alarming stories in my heart and my head that I will never have permission to share. Suffice it to say- many therapists have been abused within our own profession by colleagues and supervisors that should have been there to support them... I choose to believe these therapists were simply passing down a cycle of abuse that was taught to them and that comes out during times of extreme stress. 

Many of the clients that Kelly and I work intensely with during our lifetime Business School Bootcamp for Therapists identify true and real trauma related to running their business. Trauma from colleagues that leads to symptoms of PTSD when they attempt to be themselves, express preferences, etc. within their work. They initially think it is just simple that they are lazy, or don't have the skill level- identifying the real experiences that put another layer of stress on making a deep change can actually be quite freeing. 

Time to Be You

What is keeping you from being you? Do you believe it isn't possible? Or have others convinced you that what you want isn't ok, isn't good enough, or isn't possible? Comment below with what stops you from going after what you REALLY want and who you REALLY are. 

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Miranda Palmer

I have successfully built a cash pay psychotherapy practice from scratch on a shoestring budget. I have also failed a licensed exam by 1 point (only to have the licensing board send me a later months later saying I passed), started an online study group to ease my own isolation and have now reached thousands of therapists across the country, helped other therapists market their psychotherapy practices, and helped awesome business owners move from close to closing their doors, to being profitable in less than 6 weeks. I've failed at launching online programs. I've had wild success at launching online programs. I've made mistakes in private practice I've taught others how to avoid my mistakes. You can do this. You were called to this work. Now- go do it! Find some help or inspiration as you need it- but do the work!