Making a Difference this Summer Online

Last time we talked about creating opportunities for conversations that make change in person. Today, we will talk about how this could be translated into the online world. I want to start with an important note. We want to encourage you to get OFF of the computer, out of your chair, and out into the world this summer! Create some clear boundaries around how much time you will spend online and what your focus will be! Make it about connecting and building relationships.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Translating what you are already doing in person to the online world doesn’t have to be complex. Here are a few things you can do while you are in the “real world” that you can use when you get “online.” For me, I do most of my “online” stuff from my phone. I have learned how to do it quickly and get back into “real life” ASAP!

In the Moment

I am HORRIBLE at taking pictures. I don’t particularly like them being taken of me, or stopping and pausing for the experience. And yet, photos of experiences help me tap deeper into the experience and are touchstones to recall experiences and to mark milestones. Take a moment to dig in and document the beauty around you, and your experience this summer. I promise- you do NOT have to become the queen or king of the selfie (not that there is anything wrong with that.) But do start taking pictures of the experience, of the people you are with, of the things that inspire you, or make you think.

Side note: I have found that I love taking selfies… not selfies of me by myself silly!… but selfies with friends. I love having an excuse to get close to people I care for, have a quick cuddle, and take a quick picture where everyone can smile pretty and feel confident about the product (they have a mirror so they can SEE how joyful they look!)

Find A Place to Share

Decide where you want to “hang out” online this summer. Where do you have the most fun? Currently, I am having fun on Instagram and in private Facebook groups for the most part. So, I will be playing and having fun there. Even though Facebook is awesome… I am not sure if it will be “fun” so I’ve given myself permission NOT to be there! Give yourself permission to play online where it feels fun!

How to Share Online

When you are sharing online you don’t have to do “ALL” the things- start where you are… but here are some different ways to share your pictures in a way that can start conversations and provide education to your community, and your loved ones!

  1. Find hashtags that relate to your “why” and include them. Overwhelmed by “how” to research hashtags? Check out Here is an example of a well rated $5 gig where they will research Instagram hashtags related to your why! If you are doing a challenge or something unique, you might also add in your own unique hashtag. We currently are into #mentalhealthwarrior and #projectrebel

  2. Ask real questions and be prepared to have real conversations online and offline. Let these conversations be starting points and lean in to convos that inspire you. And put boundaries around conversations that suck your energy!

  3. Post images of YOU. They can be with other people, but don’t forget that people want to get to know you more deeply. Give them the opportunity. If you post pictures that have others, tag them in it as well.

  4. Ask for change. Inspire change and challenge people you know to do something different and to talk about it.

  5. Write articles on your website that summarize research and information- and link back to those articles on your website from your photos on social media.

  6. Embed interviews, TedTalks, or Videos with friends on your website.

But remember, do what is fun! What about you? Share your ideas of how you can have fun and make a difference online! Want to hang out with us on Instagram? Check out the way Miranda, Kelly, and ZynnyMe are having fun on Instagram this summer.