The #1 thing that grew my private practice

I have owned a private practice, a coaching practice, a life coaching practice, and a product based business. If I compare how each has performed over time, I see a common thread regarding what has contributed to my success.  

I know success is truly a self-defined term. For me, it is a combination of financial, emotional, relational and spiritual outcomes. I do not feel successful if I shift in only one area of my life. I believe my action should leverage into other parts. For example, even if I make some sort of money, but it takes me away more from my family - that does not feel successful. But to generate income, feel closer to my loved ones, have time for my own health and spiritual life - that is of value to me. 

Quick Tip: Always keep in mind, before taking any action, what result do you want to see happen to make the action worth it to you. Write it down. Be clear and intentional. Money for money's sake will not satisfy in the long run. You want to find a deeper purpose and meaning.  

I am very much a driven person. It's how Miranda and I ended up partnering up. In spite of fear, I will take action. I will learn something even if it means a lot of time and energy. I also have discovered, I can do a lot on my own.  Build a website - sure why not! Fix the plumbing or electrical - if it's got a youtube video I'll give it a try! Create a major event - why, yes, that sounds fun! This doesn't mean I should do it all though!

So being a hard worker, action oriented business owner should be what led to my business success right? 

While I am completely capable on my own, my biggest growth spurts in business have been when I have invested in getting help. 

Disclaimer: Totally aware here that I am a business coach, that runs a BootCamp to help therapists. But I am not going to let that stop me from sharing my truth. By doing so, it doesn't mean you have to invest with me and the programs we offer here. Take what resonates for you and leave the rest. 

Therapists are one of the few service providers that open up practices with little investment. Physicians, physical therapists, speech pathologist and so one, all need tools, equipment, and physical resources in their offices. Therapists typically need a chair (ok and some bookshelves, I'm kidding!). If you are a play therapist, then you have a lot of shopping to do. Time and time again I hear of therapists starting a practice without a budget at all and thus they feel stretched and stressed.

I budgeted in coaching when I started. It helped me learn faster and implement more than what I could do from deciphering all the free content online. 

I've hired not so great coaches and I've hired amazing ones. Outcomes - I still saw rapid growth in my businesses. Having someone to hold me accountable, to teach me what they knew - my businesses grew.

Hiring a coach or committing to a program is a way for me to leverage my time. I am learning from someone who has been there before and who can see things I can't. Because let's face it, when it is your baby, your baby is perfect and amazing. A coach can come in and say - well your baby is cute and all, but let's change some things to make it even better.

Great coaching gives you:

1. Tools: These are things that can be reused and provide consistent outcomes. For example in our bootcamp we have a tool where you punch in some numbers and it will tell you if an insurance panel is a good idea for you. I invested in coaching to learn how to create a flow in my marketing and while I have tweaked it over time, the basic roadmap helped me immensely. 

2. Insight: Speaking not only from personal experience, but staying on top of what is happening in the world and in business, a good coach can help you take off the blinders and look at stuff you have been avoiding. They can speak to the "why" it is important.

3. Encouragement: Coaching that draws out your best self is the way to go. This does not mean a cheerleading team. This means genuine reflection on what they see as your strengths as well as guidance and clarity on where you need to go. Pure honesty, no punches is what we all need.

Look for these 3 things when getting support. Whenever I have invested in me - all the areas of my life have benefited. My hope is the same for you. You are worth it!

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