Therapists: Be a Visionary

Therapists: Be a visionary

Therapists: Be a visionary

You are a visionary. How do I know? Because you are a therapist. When I told people what I did for a living, I would often get responses like "I could never sit and listen to people's problems all day!" The truth is, we know that good therapy isn't about just listening to people's problems- it is about sitting in truth with another human and holding the vision of what can be. 

You have a vision for every client who walks through your door. No- this doesn't mean you are trying to fit your client into your box of how they should be. But, you know what it looks like when someone is unfettered, when they make that shift to owning their life, being intentional, and enjoying it. When you see them shift from being a victim of experiences, circumstances, or limitations to an empowered person who is going to live their life in the best way they know how. 

Your private practice is a place where clients come to create a vision of their life, and to do the hard work to implement that vision. Your private practice is a place where nightmares are recounted and explored, and dreams are verbalized- maybe for the first time. You get the honor of watching people make deep change! 

Are you allowing yourself to fully step into the private practice that best supports that process? Have you really explored what private practice should look like for you? You get to create the space that best supports that growth process for your clients- and your unique needs. 

If you want to grow a thriving and rewarding private practice- YOU have to get clear first on a few important questions: 

  • Why are you doing this? Dig deep.

  • What do you need to do that will allow you to do this long-term (and avoid burnout)?

  • What version of you do your clients need to see- and what can you put in place that your private practice fully supports that?