Building a Private Practice: Real Life Stories Featuring Colleen, LMFT

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”  - Mother Teresa

I am a lover of stories as I imagine are most therapists. It is in the telling that healing occurs and in the rewriting that our paths shift into new light.

We have been interviewing therapists* and asking them to tell their stories about becoming a therapist and the process of building a practice. It is our hope that from these stories you glean nuggets of inspiration and information to help you on your path. You will find parts of your story in theirs. We are a community connected in so many ways.

It takes courage to talk about our businesses. I want to thank each person that participated in this series. You are brave and I have learned from you. Your vulnerability challenges me to be better.

First up is Colleen, LMFT ( Her private practice is a melding of her first career, her life experience and her passion. You can listen to the podcast or watch our skype chat. Enjoy!

Say hello to Colleen on twitter @ColleenLMFT and share what you learned from her story.