5 Key Players in the Success of Your Business

Private Practice Success What to Do

It takes a village to build your practice. Sure you can do it all alone, but Miranda and I discovered a long time ago, that having people to support you in business is key to your success and preventing burn out. So here are a few of the people we consider key when building your business:

1. Accountant and Bookkeeper: Not everyone is great with numbers and not everyone understands tax law. That is why having a guide to the financial side of your business is key to helping you make good decisions. I hate numbers (I think I have said that many times before!) and to have my accountant explain what is going on, review profit and loss with me and discuss business decisions with - has been a huge help. We have avoided some tax mistakes and been able to save money in the long run. The benefit outweighs the cost. If I were to sit down and do my taxes - it would take awhile. That time could be better spent on my business while I have an expert help me out. 

2. Office Assistant: Not every practice needs one of these but if you have multiple projects going on besides your one on one time, a part time assistant can alleviate you from some of the organizational tasks and planning that go on behind the scenes. Our assistant helps with travel plans, communication with clients, scheduling and a few other things. 

3. Colleagues: When you have someone who has been there, done that or is going through the same thing as you, it's nice to have a shoulder to lean on or cry on from time to time. You might discover people like you in a mastermind or a consultation group. We learn from others so open your heart and your mind to different ways of doing business. It will also feel great to give back and provide support to others.

4. Coach: As coaches, we have coaches. We invested a ton of money into working with them, but we got that money back in more ways than just monetary - it changed our business all together. A coach is there to push you, strategize with you, bring out the strengths in you and walk along side you. There are coaches for marketing, sales, mindset, business strategy and others. I was speaking with a friend the other day. He learns what he can from a coach and then moves onto someone else to learn something new - but he is never without a coach. He is always learning and challenging himself.

5. You: At the end of the day - yes it takes you being involved in your business and caring enough to get stuff done. You are what makes your business unique. Be true to who you are and your message. Get the help you need in your business. The sooner you ask the sooner you can be focused on the tasks that only you can do. 

Who else has been a key player in your business? We would love to hear from you.