Are you losing sleep over your practice?

I love my job. I love that I can support my family helping awesome passionate professionals help and heal their communities.

Do you give yourself permission to do what you love? I was listening to an interview of OneRepublic about the song "Counting Stars" and was completely shocked about what inspired it. Note sure what I am talking about? Here is the song to listen to: 

He had been losing sleep about whether he could really support his family doing what he loved. He talks about "I feel something so right doing the wrong thing." For him, his passion was starting to feel like the wrong thing.

When you open your own private practice or business doing something you are passionate and it doesn't support the life you want or need to live it feels terrible. Many therapists, psychologists, trainers, and other healing professionals feel actual GUILT for doing what they are passionate about or SHAME for wanting to make money doing it.

That is crazy making.

A master's degrees for psychology on the top 5 list for worst paid degrees. Psychologists make more on average- but not by much.  All of these people investing in a great education. They should be experts in mindset issues. But even they struggle with money issues.

We talk about mindset a lot on this blog. Why? Because you will never dig in to the nuts and bolts of your business if you continue to feel ashamed of your desire to make money. Or, if you feel guilty for the level of success you have or have not achieved to date.

We recently started a new round of our intensive business accelerator program. Within a week- one of our clients had made $3,000 from being in the group. Is that because she did lots of technical things in Week 1? No. It is because she worked on her mindset, stepped out of her comfort zone, and allowed herself to step into her true vision for her business.

In the mental health and healing world- there is an insane standard that "you can't make money." Or that your spouse should support your passion.

That is insane.

I was reading up on a survey of therapists in California done back in 2010. Women accounted for over 70% of therapists and the average income was less than $55,000. The average income for men was $10,000 more than women. Male therapists on average are making 20% more than women.


Having talked to female professionals across the United States- I can't help but wonder if this is due to blocking beliefs women have about money.

When I do consultations with business owners and we always start by identifying the end goal so we both understand the desired result. When I ask about how implementing their plan will feel I hear so often that the feely will "relief."

Relief from the daily anxiety that comes from questions like: "Can I make it in private practice?" "Do I have to keep working 50 hours a week in 2 jobs to make it as a therapist?" "Was getting my license really worth it? Did I make a good decision going to graduate school?" "Should have I have opened my own place?" 

There is nothing like the joy that comes from moving out of a paycheck to paycheck mentality. When One Republic talks about counting stars- he says he was referring to not have to count pennies. He was dreaming of a time when he could stay up to count stars instead of losing sleep about whether his passion for music would ever really take care of his family.

Are you losing sleep? Stressing out about your business?

It is time to stop stressing, get a clear vision, and implement.

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With much joy, Miranda (ad Kelly)

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