SquareWhat? A Bit About SquareSpace

We have been working with small business owners for the past several years helping them develop websites and business models that allow them to be happy, profitable, and reach more people.

While we have worked with personal trainers, physicians, electrologists, interior designers, and many more- our main specialty is working with helpers and healers: Therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, etc.

Why? Because we are mental health professionals! We both happen to be Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who love helping people, but had to learn (the hard way) how to build a business- and a website.

Or maybe for us, a website and a business... Because our website is a huge component of our business. It is "storefront," our calling card, a talk in the community, our yellow pages ad, our community service, our first impression with much of our community.

And we like to build our websites on a platform called SquareSpace. Many of you have heard of WordPress, SquareSpace is an alternative to WordPress and we think it is better. At least it is better for us, and for 95% of the psychologists and therapists we talk to.

You see, when we give therapists the straight skinny on WordPress- they quickly realize- they don't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole! And when we work with non-techy fabulous sex addiction specialists like Mari Lee in Glendora, CA, we find that they LOVE SquareSpace.

We educate and empower so therapists have the keys to their website. The keys means they can easily update it, and even see how many people are finding their website- right from their smartphone!