Action Jackson...


So Kelly Higdon and I have been on the phone all week with some AMAZING therapists. Some of them just starting out, but most very accomplished, and we noticed an interesting trend. 

We talked to therapist after therapist who had a TON of knowledge. They had spent hours on research. Watched numerous free webinars, attended courses, read books, consulted with coaches... but there was something very important missing: 


I'm not saying these therapists weren't "doing" stuff. They were busy.  They were often working their tushes off. It was just they were continually doing things that weren't things that were positively changing their situation. Somehow, they had gotten stuck. 

And they were calling us to hopefully help them get unstuck. Which is fabulous! 

Because guess what- we LOVE getting therapists unstuck. We love helping them move forward and put theory into action. 

Side note: Ever had one of those clients who was completely intellectualized and talked a lot- but didn't make any real movement... until you got to the underlying stuff that they were really trying to avoid? 

Ok... back on track... 

We Like to Start at the Beginning

It isn't to say that you might not have heard some of our information before. We hope you have. We hope you have done enough research to know "we know of what we speak" and that you have done enough to know that if you were going to do this on your own, you would have already done it. 

Yep, if you say "we already know all of this" we are going to gently and lovingly point out that it is time to move post knowing into action. 

Whether you choose us as your business coaches or not, (we hope you will because we LOVE showing therapists how to double or triple their income in less than a year authentically and ethically) we hope that we inspire you to ACTION! 

Post your action below. What will you do this week to sustain your healing work and ensure you are there to help people when they need it?