But I HAVE to keep doing what I've been doing!!!

So I heard an interesting story the other day. A man had gone to see his nephew graduate, on a Saturday, on one of the hottest days of the year, outside... He said he got there at 7:30am and the graduation started at 9:30am. By 10:30 am, elderly people were getting up and starting to leave... and then the ambulances started to arrive... and then about the time they were at the "ds" in the alphabet the fire marshall stepped forward. 

He told them that there were a 15 ambulances present or on their way, 20 people having issues, 2 of whom were completely unresponsive... and he would have to shut down the graduation. 


Yes, people initially booed before the reality sunk in. People were frustrated, they wanted to get to the exciting part, to the "walking" part- to the place where everyone could see the accomplishment. They were wiling to risk everything just to sit there in the blinding heat waiting for something to happen. 

I don't know why... but suddenly as he was telling this story I thought of some great therapists I have talked to. They are hunkered down in the blinding sun, just waiting for what seems like forever for the outcome, the sense of accomplishment. They are waiting-even if it is not safe to wait! 

And part of me feels like that is pretty awesome. I LOVE seeing people committed to an outcome! But, often somehow the commitment turns into that sedentary, waiting, it isn't ever gonna come if you keep doing what you are doing- but you keep doing it anyway sort of situation. 

And you know what, that bums me out. I hate seeing people with big, beautiful visions that get stuck sitting and waiting for an outcome that won't magically appear. 

So if you are sitting in the hot sun, heat-stroked, burnt, and waiting for something to magically happen. I give you permission to go and take a rest, get some water, and come up with a new plan to get what you deeply desire. 

With Deepest Support, 



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