How do you become a successful therapist?

What is Success?

Do you think just starting a website is going to make you a successful therapist or business person?

Well just building a website won't make you successful... but it might... 

We love helping therapists build websites. You can probably find someone cheap to "build a website" for you, but we provide something different. Our goal isn't to help you build a website- our goal is to help you build a profitable, successful helping business. 

What does a successful helping business mean exactly? 

  • it turns a profit that allows you to live your life

  • it creates joy and balance in your life

  • it makes change in the world

  • it is something you love to go to

  • it provides for your retirement

But just "making a website" won't create  a successful business!

Why? Because a website is an extension or entry point to your business. And, if you haven't created or defined a business model that works- no amount of websites, marketing, or networking is going to help

We include business coaching in every website we touch. Why? Because otherwise- what is the point?

None of our clients went to business school, our licensing exams don't really talk about the logistics of how to keep the doors open. 

And ultimately, we want your website to be successful, so your business can make sense! 

The website design process is really difficult for therapists because it brings to the forefront issues such as: 

  • what am I really great at?

  • how do I talk about what I do?

  • what is my business plan?

  • defining clients in turns of financial revenue (yikes!)

  • what exactly is my business goal?

  • what is my operating and marketing budget?

  • how do I plan get return on my investment?

Yes, I said "return on my investment!" Spending even $50 on a website that doesn't bring you a client is a waste of time, money, and energy. 

Spending $50,000 on a website (FYI: that is usually too much unless you have some monster of an idea), that brings you $500,000 a year ongoing is a GREAT return on investment. 

Part of becoming a successful therapist is understanding the business end of therapy. Why? Because it serves a purpose- it allows you to make a great living doing something you love! 

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