Video: Avoiding Burnout, Getting Inspired, and Making $ in the Healing Profession

One of the best things about concentrating on ZynnyMe full time for me, is that it gives me more time to inspire other therapists to follow their passions. 

What is even more awesome, is when I find therapists that in turn, inspire me in my daily work! Kelly and I were fortunate to cross paths with Lisa Mitchell of

 Actually, that isn't true. Targeted use of LinkedIn by all of us made it inevitable that we would connect! 

After a few great get to know you calls, we decided it would be awesome to interview Lisa live, so you could be inspired by her as well! Her blog posts are ah-mazing! She isn't just a gifted artist, but she is also a gifted written word artist! 

And, while many of you might not think you are artistic, or creative- Lisa Mitchell will challenge that belief as she teaches healers how to tap into their inner creativity to break through stress and impasses. So without further introduction, check out the video! 

And yes, Kelly and I have signed up for this awesome training. If you want to find out more about ArtFix you can

click here

No, we don't get a cut or a kickback (not that there is anything wrong with that). But for those of you who wonder about those fun details. We just think this is awesome and we want to share!