1 Weird Way To Get New Clients Before the New Year

Every business, no matter what sort of business you are in, needs clients. Even non-profit organizations need to serve new clients regularly or the donations and grants will dry up! 

If you haven't heard that the Internet is invaluable in bringing in new business, you have been living under a rock! I built a cash-pay private practice that was full to the brim. How did I do it? I learned how to use the Internet to get people calling. And call they did! 

But, the truth is, traditional ways of building a website, getting the top page of Google, and getting your website content dialed in to get people calling consistently can take awhile! And some of you don't have a long time to wait! 

We speak with therapists, personal trainers, coaches, healers- all who are taking a "wait and see" approach.  And guess what that means they are doing right now? Waiting! (And hopefully enjoying the beautiful holiday season!)

But, there is something weird you can do to get your business moving that is completely within your control! Here it is in a nutshell: 

Get on the phone. 

Sounds simple- huh? Not really! For many business owners- getting on the phone is terrifying! Or, for others, they are great at getting on the phone- but they aren't sure how to translate that into getting new clients. 

Here is a quick practice to get new clients scheduled in immediately; 

1. Define, in written words, exactly what you are awesome at that you LOVE! 

2. Make a list of 100 people that you know. 

3. Call them and get to know them better. 

4. Share what you LOVE! 

Each and every step in this process is incredibly important. If you can't convey your passion to another human, nobody will want to work with you or refer to you. Get specific. Think about your favorite client of all time. 

Make that list. Yes, I know 100 people feels like A LOT! But, you actually know MANY more than that. Don't fret about who to put on the list, or not put on the list. Just make the list! The longer you worry- the longer you will avoid getting on the phone. 

Now get to know THEM! This call should NOT be all about you! The cool thing about this practice is, it doesn't just help you, it helps the people you call, and your greater community. Get in, get passionate, and have fun connecting with people. 

After that happens, feel free to share your big passion with people. Remember- be specific. The more general, and uninspired you are-the more forgettable you are! "I am a trainer" is not as memorable as "I help overweight 40 something women get in the best shape of their lives." 

That is it! Do this practice, get on the phone with 100 people, and you will get new clients before the year is out. Do I know exactly how? Yes, and no. Sometimes you will run into people who directly need your services, sometimes they will have a referral, sometimes just having the confidence to talk about your business will help when you start getting calls! 

Have you already done this? Do you feel like you have exhausted your circle and need to learn how to reach a bigger audience and get more people calling you quickly? We are scheduling in our last few free income with integrity sessions in 2014. E-mail help@zynnyme.com to see if you qualify to grab a spot!