App Reviews: Great Apps for Nonprofits and Small Business Owners

Nonprofits, like small business owners have very limited budgets and resources. Anything that a nonprofit can do to save time, energy, or money can really translate into a huge return on investment. Even more important, when nonprofits and small business owners are able to better use their resources, it means a greater positive impact on the community around them. So, without further ado- here are some of my favorite apps for nonprofit-esque peeps (yes Lynn Quijada-Splan this one is for you and your nonprofit work!)

Social media is a wonderful way to expand your reach to additional people in the community. It not only lets more people know about your fabulous services, but also gets your name out to potential volunteers and contributors. And, at its base level- it's free! However, managing social media can be a headache and a half! Here are few ways to streamline the process-right from your smartphone! 

1. HootSuite is a program that you can set up for free to post 1 update that goes to multiple platforms. You can choose to post to your twitter, Facebook Page, and several other social media options. The free account does limit how many platforms you can "play on." This has a free app for Android and Iphone- so once it is set-up you can easily post on the run! 

2. Facebook Pages for IPhone- hopefully this one comes out for Android soon. This is fabulous and lets you know immediately when someone comments on one of your pages, allows you to easily comment back, post updates, pictures, etc. 

3. Contact Management System- how are you contacting your supporters and community members? If you aren't using some kind of contact management system you are missing out! (What is a contact management system- think Constant Contact, Icontact, MailChimp, etc.) MailChimp for Android gets a 4 star rating, MailChimp for Iphone does pretty good as well. I'm a big fan of MailChimp because of how easily it integrates with Twitter and your Facebook fan page and several other cool tools like "EventBrite" Why have an app on your SmartPhone? Meet someone out in the community and ask them if they want to be on your newsletter- type their information into your app right then! (Odds are you will forget when you get back to the office! 

4. Managing Business Cards- being able to manage all the people you meet out in the community can be quite overwhelming. Check out a fabulous business card scanner app. I LOVE CardMunch for Iphone- it links to LinkedIn and allows you to easily connect with others who are on LinkedIn while also scanning their card in. Business Card reader for Android does the same fancy scanning/converting to text feature without the LinkedIn integration. It is free for up to 100 cards, and then is $5.99 for the full unlimited version. 

5. Eventbrite- a huge part of marketing and fundraising for nonprofits is often event centered. It is a wonderful way to connect with your community. Eventbrite is one of my favorite services for making planning and marketing of events much easier- and it comes with fabulous apps. They have special discounts and services for nonprofits here. Their program is free for free events, and takes a percentage of each ticket sold for paid events. It is WELL worth it! (I could write a whole blog article on this fabulous program!) They also have an app for your ticket buyers that includes a link to their tickets, directions, etc. 

I don't want to overwhelm y'all with too many apps each week- so go and check these babies out! Post below and let us know what you think! We can't wait to hear how you are USING your SmartPhone to build your nonprofit or small business!

And, as always you can always check out our Technology Coaching services if you want some specialized help. A Technology coaching session allows us to talk one on one about the goals of your business, the time-sucks and frustrations, and make a focused plan about what the next 1 or 2 steps may be. Often these involve technology. However, if technology isn't the answer- we will give you the right step. Because 

"If it doesn't save time, money, or make your life better- What's the Point?"