App Reviews: Solo Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

When the job market is not so great, many people turn to self-employment. There is a good news and bad news in being self-employed. First- the good news: Being your own boss puts the reward of your hard work directly to you! And, despite the economic downturn- many business owners are finding they are having record growth. In fact, female small business owners are doing quite well right now! 

The bad news: If you are in business for yourself it is all on you. Yep, I said it... there is a LOT on your shoulders! However, there are some wonderful apps out there that can turn that little smart phone in your pocket into a helper, or even a receptionist! Here are some fun apps that you may want to check out for your business! 


  1. Dropbox: This is a free app for Iphones and Androids that allows you to save files on your desktop, laptop, or smart phones and be able to access them anywhere! This means you can pull up a questionnaire or activity for a client from your phone and easily email it right when you are thinking about it! If you work with clients and have any forms at all, this is a wonderful way to cut down on the stress of mailing things out and reduce paper waste whenever possible! I don't recommend keeping bank or medical records in this app- but most everything else is safe and secure!

  2. Evernote: This is a great app that you can use for just about any business. This free app allows you to take images, snapshots, and even audio notes. Have an idea for a song? Want to record a client testimonial? How about click a quick before or after for a client? You can organize everything into the client's safe little file on Evernote. Again, I wouldn't put someone's credit card information in here- but it is great for storing general data, notes, and even keeping track of receipts for the tax man! Everything is backed up to the Internet- so you don't have to worry about losing, misplacing, or a stolen phone meaning you have lost all of your data.

  3. Picstich/PhotoGrid: It seems like images are getting REALLY popular on Facebook and Twitter for marketing, communicating, and having a bit of fun! PicStitch is an AWESOME tool for anyone who is doing any transformational work- weight loss coaches, personal trainers, interior designers, garden designers, etc. You can easily select two pictures to post side-by-side. You can also quickly make fun little collages to highlight your awesome work. These apps are free- PicStitch for Iphone and Photogrid for Android.

  4. G-Whizz: Have you ever wished you could access and edit documents on the run? G-Whizz is an app that allows you to pull up documents that you have saved to Google Docs ( and edit those documents. It is a free app with ads. While the interface isn't my favorite- it is much quicker than running home to edit a quick Excel spreadsheet. Having something saved in Google Documents also means that the document is automatically backed up, and that every version is saved. Whoops- did you mess something up 3 weeks ago and not realize? You can go back to the version of the document 3 weeks ago! You don't have to start from scratch!

These are my top apps for today for you solo business owners. Give them a try and let me know what you think and how you are using them to transform your business and your bottom line! Remember, if that SmartPhone isn't making your life or your business run any better- maybe it isn't so smart!