Another Website in 30 days Success

So, you still think you can't build your own website and that you have to pay through the nose to have something that looks great and converts clients? 

I want you to meet Dan Drake, MFT. Full disclosure, Dan and I know each other well. We are friends and studied together at the same school. However, life takes you down different paths and we keep in touch via facebook over the past 7 or 8 years...until about a month ago, Dan called me about his website. We chatted about how his website was more like a bookmark...not much information and not doing anything for his business. He decided to do the 30 day program and now he has a full website, is involved in social media, has his you tube channel up and's impressive and I am so proud of him. 

Here is what Dan had to say about the process.

Thanks for the program.  The most valuable part of the program was the step-by-step nature of it.  I have a lot of discipline, but I don't think I would've done all that I did in the time that I did if I didn't have some guidance.  So thanks!  It was TOTALLY worth it..  It's nice to have a website I actually want to draw people to, and not something I'm ashamed of and have to add a caveat to. 

So, go check out his website And I can vouch that he is awesome at what he does, so if you know anyone needing a therapist in Los Angeles that specializes in sex addiction, give Dan a call.  -Kelly